May How We Have Changed

Recently my family had the opportunity to have our family pictures taken. It had been a while since we had our last one taken. The girls changed the most, and we added Allie to our family, so it was only right to have some more pictures made of them and ourselves. The last pictures were taken about three years or so ago.  Look at how much we have changed. I was lucky to even to have found Misty at Memories Creative Photography, who as she said wants to be the kind of photographer that she can afford. I had seen pictures that Misty had done before because Gracie was involved in a photo shoot that you can read about here. Here was one of the pictures from that shoot.

Gracie is the last one on the left. So with that said I could not wait to see what the pictures looked like.

So before I show the new pictures let me demonstrate how much we have changed.



Beary was the only one that had not changed.


(before Allie)


(with Allie)

 I had a hard time choosing just one picture, so I chose 3.

I had wanted for a long time to do a picture on a tractor since Raul works for John Deere.

Now with the Big Dogs and Allie

This one was taken in our backyard.

And now one taken in front of the horse barn.

Can you see why I had a hard time choosing a family picture?? I also choose one of Raul and myself which hardly ever happens.

This has got to be the best picture of us that I have seen in a long time.

I loved all my pictures, and I also got some printed pictures as well. I found that her prices were one word awesome and very budget friendly.

Check out her price list

Regular Session Fees $75 …

Price list
Standard pricing 8×10 $13
 5×7 $8 (2)
3×5 $8 (8) wallets $13
Collage Pricing 10×10 mounted on art board $40
 10×10 stand out $90
16×20 mounted $110
16×20 Stand out $140
Enlargements 11×14 on art board $50
 11×14 stand out $90 16×20
same as collage pricing 20×30 on art board $150
 20×30 stand out $240
Please go by and check out Memories Creative Photography on Facebook and her all the beautiful pictures that have taken.
I am so pleased with the pictures from Memories Creative and Misty that I can not wait to do another shoot with her soon.
Please stop by and tell her Adventures of Frugal Mom said hello.



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