Sunday Fun

Last Sunday  I had the pleasure of sharing part of the day with 4 wonderful little girls (one of them was mine) and 2 rocking moms. What did we do you ask? Why what every little girl dreams of doing having a photo shoot.  Let me first start at the beginning. Last Saturday night was the Mom and Me Baking Party. After the baking was done the moms were talking about pictures. One of the moms is a photographer so the plan was made to take the girls’ photos the next day. I am so happy that Misty, who was the photographer, took some incredible pictures not only of my daughter, Gracie, but of all the girls. My favorite picture was not even one of my daughter. I will show you in a bit.
If you get a chance please check out her webpage and her Facebook page.

Now onto some pics from the photo shoot.  The picture before the story is my daughter Gracie, someone said she looked just like an Indian Princess.

The girls in a cotton field.

Love this one.

Looking Back

Picking some Cotton.

This one is Misty’s, the photographer’s daughter.

Future SuperModels

Gracie and Me


Taking their bows after all the photos are done.

I so loved Misty’s artistic eye that I am going to get her to take our family picture soon especially since we haven’t taken one since Allie joined the family.
If you are looking for a photographer in the North Carolina Area please check out
  Memories Creative  I promise that it will so worth the time and money. 

The above pictures have  been reprinted with permission from the photographer. Thanks Misty for such an awesome day.  

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