Hopscotch Anyone??

For years I have tried to solve the problem about how to stop so much grass and dirt getting into our pool. I had tried for a while to convince my husband to build me  a walkway to the pool but no dice. He did not want to kill the grass. So that being said I saw this idea on pinterest about making stepping-stones into a hopscotch game and thought this might be our solution. I am going to show you the way we did it without spending a lot of money. First we bought some mortar mix we found that it was cheaper to make our own stones then buying them at the store.

This is what the stone looked like after it was dried.

Then we spray painted the stones. We chose the colors green and yellow. I wish that I had painted all of the stones green because it looked better.

Then time to paint the numbers on it. If you don’t have stencils try doing what I did. Use your printer and play around with the font size and font that you want and make the numbers as big as you want them. Then you just simply cut the numbers out. You can either trace around the numbers or do what I did use the cut out part as the actual stencil and painted inside what was left over.

Here is what the finished product looks like.

Hopefully this will cut down on all the grass in the pool.

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