Embracing My Future One Header at a Time

Embracing My Future One Header at a Time from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

I find myself entering into a new and uncharted territory. I am no longer the soccer mom toting my girls to from practices and games. I am no longer the mom of three young ladies. Now I am a mom of 2 beautiful young adults and one beautiful teenager who soon will be flying the nest. When I was reflecting on the change that is happening, I started thinking about what I wanted my blog to be about, yes it is still about getting the best bang for your buck but also about the adventures that I am pushing myself to go on. It is about getting out of my comfort zone and embracing the empty nest for all it is worth. The first step was asking my friend Jen from My Crafty Life to make me a new header. I selected items that I wanted and told her to go crazy with it. 

My Koda Buggy from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When I asked her to make the header, I had originally planned on having two dogs there – Allie has always been represented in the brand and she is the brand to me. But Koda was going to be added as well. That sassy playfulness of hers I felt strongly would convey what I wanted the blog to be about. I so could just see me now writing in her voice, she was so smart but so crazy as well. Koda was supposed to be my empty nest dog. Don’t get me wrong I love my little Allie, but she is 7 years old now and I would wish she would live forever but I know realistically she can’t.

I love my new header and all that it represents. New beginnings, freedom from negative thoughts and people and most importantly as a reminder to me of the next adventure that awaits. Sometimes stepping out of your comfort zone isn’t a bad thing.  

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