Looking to Cure The Summertime Blues

There ain’t no cure for the Summertime Blues. Those are words from a song from Alan Jackson. But guess what there is a cure you just have to look for it. I have found tons of things to do with my girls that are cheap or even better free. Who doesn’t love free???? Every year I buy a membership to our State’s zoo with this membership comes agreements with other places all order the country for either free admission or admission at a discounted price. This has afforded us several trips planned for this summer and beyond. We have already been to zoo twice this year and a state aquarium as well during one of our days at the beach. Having a daughter who plans to be an animal doctor this is also a great educational opportunity as well. Not only do we have this membership but we also recently through the daily deals site bought a year membership to a science museum near us who also had the same kind of agreement in place. I was able to purchase this membership for about 40% less than the actual cost because I bought it through a daily deal sites. We can’t wait to use the agreement to go to the planetarium soon. We have also through these sites bought wine tastings (for Hubby and I – don’t worry the girls did not go) so we can have some time to get away for ourselves. We also have gotten great deals on baseball games as well as other fun events.

The deals are out there you just have to look for them. One of the great ways to look for them is to check and see if there are deals at promotioncode.org. Because nine times out of ten there are deals out there you just need to look for them. They may not be free but I guarantee you that they will not be full price and but will be more affordable to take your family out to enjoy some family time. Oh we can’t forget all those items that you might need for that family time. We always take a picnic with us wherever we go because that too cuts down on the expense as well. Look around your neighborhood and you will be surprised with what there is to offer to cure those summertime blues.

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