4 Ways You Can Look After Yourself While Grieving

There will come the point in everybody’s life when we encounter grief. It could be a breakup, job loss or the death of a relative, a friend, or even a family pet. When this grief comes, you can get entirely wrapped up in what happened, but this means you will fail to look after yourself. You might think that this is the least of your worries right now, but it is essential to make sure you come out the other side of this grief still intact. 

Look For Distractions 

Everybody grieves uniquely when faced with grief, and you often don’t know how you will do so until it happens. One method that can help people is to look for distractions to take your minds off the reality of the situation. 

Grieving people will often throw themselves into their work just to keep their minds and hands busy, rather than sit on the sofa all day long and wallow in what has happened. Some will channel their feelings into something else, such as exercise, using the grief as a motivator to push themselves. 

Allow Yourself to Be Sad 

Conversely, you can also allow yourself to be sad. It’s not healthy to bottle up your grief and frustrations for too long, and there will come a time where you need to let it all out, whether alone or with friends reminiscing. 

This isn’t something you should avoid, no matter how much you pride yourself on being tough and able to handle anything. Letting your feelings come out will be cathartic, and it may be the answer for completely coping with the terrible news you have recently received. 

Be Involved In the Aftermath 

Some people may not want to be close to the aftermath, such as planning the funeral or speaking with the insurance companies and banks. This will help them pretend that nothing has changed, and it gives them the chance to process their feelings in their own time. 

However, others feel the need to get involved to gain the closure they want. This can include getting in touch with other relatives, or even picking burial caskets for dogs if it’s your pet that has died. Even things that might seem small can have a massive benefit for you, and it will help you cope much easier. 

Pay Tribute

Whether a friend, relative or pet, you can take care of yourself during your grief by paying tribute your way. This will depend on the person, but many will donate to charity or get involved with local causes that can prevent the same thing from happening to someone else. Other options include creating something, while the classic social media tribute post is also a useful way to let your feelings out, even if you only write it for yourself, rather than anybody else. 

Coping, Still 

The weeks, months, and even years following the death will be challenging, and there will still be days where you are not at all yourself. However, taking care of yourself during this time is vital, and while things will always be tough, you will thank yourself for making sure you are okay.

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