Learn To Pass Wonder-Filled Faith To Your Children

Learn To Pass Wonder-Filled Faith To Your Children

Serving God means doing something for the well-being of others, spreading the faith, and helping people connect with him. But, as the saying goes, “Charity begins at home.” Before you help others connect with God and understand his kindness, you need to pass your faith to your children. 

But Jesus called the children to him and said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these.- Luke 18:16 Jesus. 

Know that He always listens to your prayers and loves your child as much as you do (perhaps even more). Instilling faith in your kids will help reflect his enduring love for your children. Here’s how:

Wonder-Filled Faith

Wonder-filled faith means taking the kids’ questions, curiosity, and ideas into consideration and expressing them using prayers and scriptures. It is about keeping your trust in God, which is pure and unbiased- Childlike. For this purpose, it is critical to be a part of the community and learn about their updates. 

For instance, connecting with Carmelite Monks of Wyoming and learning about their updates will help keep you as well as your child stay well versed with the information. It can also encourage your child to indulge in the prayer religiously, volunteer for manual labor, and follow a horarium. 

Having said that, following the affirmations given below can also help pass wonder-filled faith to your children. 

I Am Known

Every person, including your kids, is His child. Make your kids understand that God knows who they are, what they do, and how they live. He keeps an eye on their every movement and assists them at each step. Make sure that your kids know that they belong to, perhaps, a part of His family. This feeling of being known helps in igniting their faith in this greatness. 

I Am Loved

Keep in mind that the love of God has no beginning or end; it is endless and in abundance. As much as you and your kids will love him, he is going to give you a lot more in return. The best part about his love is that the more your share, the more you get. Praying every day, volunteering, and serving others are a few ways to share his love and feel loved. 

I Am Led

As you might already know, God has given the gift of the Holy Spirit to his followers. This spirit further leads followers and disciples toward God’s kingdom. It allows your kids to understand that whatever is happening in their life is the Holy Spirit’s way of leading them. It will help them become strong and grow their belief. As a result, their faith will also elevate. 

I Am A Child Of God

When your kids learn that God knows about them, loves them, and gives them the Holy Spirit to be led, they will feel like they are children of God. It will encourage them to become a better version of themselves and help lead others with faith and kindness. 

Wrapping It All Up

The purpose of staying well-versed with community updates and following the affirmations is to feel the love of God within and help your kids understand his kindness. Know that it could not be done on its own but requires support from scriptures.

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