Just a Hi with A Cough on the Side!!!!

I am not doing what I want I want to be doing right now. I want to be able to walk and write. I want to be able to go an hour without coughing. I want to be able to sit and concentrate  long enough to write about the wonderful experience that I had at the Women of Faith Conference in Charlotte two weekends ago. But alas I can’t these days I am so tired and worn out that it is all I can do to function. It seems I have made a good friend that does not want to leave no matter how much I beg and plead for it to find another friend or better yet no friend at all. But it will not leave and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired. I absolutely hate being sick. Things do not run as well when I am sick and the house well lets just say I thought Hurricane Irene was bad. Things have to get better because at this rate I hate to see if they get any worse. I am exhausted but I just felt like I needed to just drop in and say hi and I am still alive and breathing a little heavier and in short bursts  with some coughs mixed in for good measure but still breathing. And lets not mention how two of my girls have been sick too. Mikaela has her wisdom teeth coming in and has been such a joy to be around. And Gracie, who is finally regular ( which is a big hurrah for us, those with IBS knows how that is) now has a new symptom she feels like something is twisted inside her now. Luckily we go back to the pediatric gasterenologist at Duke on Wednesday so I am hoping that now she is regular they will start to focus on her other symptoms to narrow it down some more. Oh and did I mention having to deal with 2 teenage girls who happened to be PMSing the same time I am. Life is not to lovely at the Vera house right now. But here are 2 bright notes in all this misery- (1) Maddie got her license so she can now drive herself to school ( which allows me a little more time to rest ) and she is able to take one of her sisters to school as well and the other bright spot is the lovely women that I met at the women of faith conference ( speakers included) which allows me to know that God has a plan for all that I am going through right now and there is a reason for all this misery I just wish I knew what the plan was or at least a clue.  Hoping that soon I will be back to my old self and able to function as a normal person  (or as normal as I was before because I never claimed to be normal) for awhile. I am really hoping that I am better to attend two dear friends’ wedding reception this weekend. So I hope you will forgive the lack of posts lately I am trying to get well even though it is taking longer than I thought it would. Just wanted to let you know what is going on in my life. Hope everyone is well out there in blog land.

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  1. Oh no! I hope you feel better… I was sick for a month and am just getting over having pneumonia and mono and still have a cough, so I know how you feel! Coughing fits are the worst 🙁 Feel better!

  2. I hope you feel better soon. My DIL went to the Women of Faith Concert too. She loved it. Rest and get better.

  3. Hope you feel better soon! I am on a week and half with a head cold…doesnt seem to want to leave me either.

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