A Memorial Day Tribute

The other day I got to be the proud daughter. My dad who just celebrated his 73rd birthday was on the front page of the paper ( He is the one in the middle). He finally decided after working all his life to retire. When I was born he was in the Marines working in the Military Intelligence department. In 1976, he retired from the Marines and went to work as a police officer. A job he had until he retired this year. He worked through the loss of his mom, in 1983. He worked through the loss of 3 sisters and 1 brother. ( He is the oldest of 6). He worked through the loss of my sister to cancer in 1995. He worked when he became a grandpa in 1995  for the first time in August with his first grandson, (Matthew- my nephew) and first granddaughter (My Maddie) five weeks later. He worked as he battled and is still battling Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (it keeps coming back). My mom and him just celebrated their 51st year of marriage. Through it all he has sustained. I can say I am more than a proud daughter. My dad is my hero.

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