A Day At The Fair

This weekend the county fair opened. The family went Sunday for a little while. I love going to the fair it always gives me neat ideas for crafts to do with the girls. The first stop was of course the animals. ?

Here was a miniature horse. I tried to talk Raul into letting us have one but no sale.

This one kept peeking out at us.
Take me Home Please.

This is the most unusual chicken I had ever seen.

In the words of Mikaela, my 13 year old, this bunny looks like it got into the eyeliner.

This one was too cute for words.
And of course we can’t forget the rides.

All 3 of my girls on the Carousel.

Maddie and Mikaela

The House of Mirrors

Maddie on the Bumper Cars. She rode with a little girl who was ahead of her in line.
Maddie made friends with everyone she rode with that day.

Mikaela and Gracie in the other Car

Sadly our day at the fair came to an end.

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