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Being a mom of three girls and having a big extended family on my husband’s side we are always having some kind of get together for the family. With that said, I am always on the look out for unique and usual ideas for party ideas especially for birthday parties. We have had many kinds of parties. When Mikaela was 2 we had a zoo themed party with a cardboard monkey with the face cut out for a photo opportunity.  Gracie had a teddy bear picnic for her 8th birthday, because as you know Beary and her are never very far from each other. Another one of our memorable parties was when Maddie turned 11 and we had a drive in movie  party in our backyard complete with a concession stand. Maddie’s friends were given envelopes with tickets inside at the beginning of the party to use to purchase the snacks we had the concession stand. We even had smores, but that did not end so well because one of the little girl’s swung her stick around almost catching one of our trees on fire. LOL For Maddie’s sweet 16 we used had a movie premiere with her friends dressed up as their favorite stars. As they entered the parking lot they were greeted with the MADDIEWOOD sign.

 We even had a step and repeat for photo ops and paparazzi hiding in the bushes to ambush the stars.

Now that is just some of the memorable birthday parties we have had.

No holiday parties are something else. I always try to have a little gathering for the girls when the holidays come around. One year we had a cookie decorating party at Christmas time and another Christmas we had a craft party ( with each girl going home with around ten crafts apiece). Yes that was a little ambitious of me right. This past year I decided one craft. We made toilet paper holder trees that were framed. You can read about it here.

With all these parties we have I am always looking for unique party invitations. I am looking around the web trying to find birthday invitations for kids.I always want something that will stand out and make the parents remember a party instead of doing what I normally do put it on the refrigerator and promptly forget about the party. I do that all the time and I am always scrambling to find a last-minute gift. Don’t laugh you know you do that too.

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