How to Plan the Perfect Event

How to Plan the Perfect Event from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

With the release of the new Covid vaccine, everyone is getting excited about the possibility of getting back out into the real world and having some fun again. Once we are back to the “new norm”, we will want to start going out to events again. If you are someone who likes to plan events, then there are many factors you are going to need to consider. While you’re planning the perfect event you’ll want everything to be perfect with everything falling into place as planned. Though this may be no easy task you can save yourself some stress as long as you have the right help and work materials. Following these simple steps can make a huge difference in your event being the event of a lifetime or just an average event. Here are some tips when planning your next event:

Choose Your Theme

Before you do anything, you need to have a theme in mind so that you know what direction to take everything in. Will the event be a professional mixer for people to network? Or will it be a TEDx type of event where you will have speakers come and give a presentation on a hot topic? Whatever the event is, make sure that you keep it focused so that potential attendees have a clear reason why they are coming.

Set Your Budget

Every successful event has a budget. Setting your budget before you begin will help you to know what you can and can’t afford to spend on this special occasion. Once you have your budget set you’ll know exactly what you can spend on food, advertising and other costs related to your event.

Make your list

Now that your budget is set, you’ll need to make a list. Making a list is a great way to ensure that everything about your event will go as planned. List all of your materials, food, every detail you can think of for your special event. Keep track of all expenditures as you go.

Be sure to mark things off of your list as they are accomplished. Update your list as necessary and make sure that anyone else that is working with you has access to the list and knows to update it as well. This list is your life line for your party planning and will help you to help you to stay organized and keep you on track.

Hire Your Speakers

Public speakers are critical to the success of any event because they act as a focal point for people to gather around. Whether you want to hire a celebrity speaker who can give your event some credibility. Or, you might want to find a business speaker who can share some of the latest industry trends, make sure you find someone who is compelling and can command the stage.

Get some help

Enlist some help. You’ll need lots of help for your event to go off as planned. From organizing the stage to your seating arrangement, there are going to be many details you will need to factor in. You don’t want to have to do everything yourself so make sure to enlist the help of someone who is willing to assist you in your planning as well as be there for the event itself.

It’s great when you can find someone that is willing to take on specific tasks for you and see them through to the end. Dividing up forces will free you up to do other things and keep your plans running smoothly.

Lots of patience

Be patient. Not everyone does everything the same and people who help you are motivated for different reasons. “Leave some wiggle room and allow your help to use their own creative touches in their tasks” suggests Sean Adams of Motivation Ping. “Don’t micromanage them by feeling that you have to stand right there. This defeats the purpose of having help in the first place.” Besides, no one but you is going to know if something minor goes wrong at your special event.

Just have fun and enjoy yourself and don’t stress about the little things, after all, you did all this hard work so you should enjoy yourself. Some things simply can’t be changed no matter how frustrating they are so give yourself permission to let these little things go and have fun.

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