The Best Time of Year to Buy Almost Anything


Do you plan ahead when it comes to buying bedding, baby clothes or bicycles? Probably not – most of us don’t. And it seems that our scattergun approach to shopping is wasting hundreds of hard-earned dollars every year. The patterns not just of the big sale seasons but also of short-term reductions actually play out with predictable regularity, which means that shopping in advance – and knowing when to hold off a big buy for a little while – can mean leaving the mall with cash to spare. A bit of discipline, that’s what the family budget needs!

Some of these seasonal patterns are common sense, while others are controlled by the mysterious inner-workings of their respective industries. Naturally, bicycles and barbeques come down in price around August or September, when the end of the summer sees a diminished interest in outdoor products and the shops want to make room for their winter wares. But if your toaster blows up, hold off on replacing it until next March. Only the bread grilling industry knows why toasters are cheaper in March – but that’s what the stats tell us! That’ll also be the best time to replace your kids’ running shoes, even if athletics season is a couple of months away.

These top-secret trends need elude you no longer, as the good people at Quid Corner have done their research and prepared a chart that lists nearly 70 products and the optimum month in which to purchase them. It also includes both the famous and lesser-known sale days when the retail industry as a whole decides to make irresistible reductions on both necessities and treats. So before the new year even gets started, think ahead to what you’re likely to splurge on in the next 12 months – and plan your purchases accordingly. Your bank balance will thank you for it!

Courtesy of: QuickQuid

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