Winter Skincare Products That You Must Have In 2022

Winter Skincare Products That You Must Have In 2022

January and February are a few of the most brutal months in terms of winter, where the chill and lack of moisture can mess with your skin. In ways you didn’t think imaginable, your face can turn dry and patchy, or worse, break out if you don’t care for it well. Winter skincare can feel like gymnastics if you don’t know the ingredients that your skin requires to have in order to look flawlessly flushed. However, not many get things right the first time and end up drying their skin out or overcompensating by slapping one extra moisturizer. To help you set things right and prep your skin for the summer to come, our winter must-have ingredients will help your skin achieve a luminous glow. Want to know what our favorites are? Keep reading below!

  1. Hyaluronic Acid: This ingredient is the savior of your skin’s moisture barrier. While the winter can dry out your skin and make it look flaky, hyperpigmentation can take over if you’re not careful. To keep your skin sufficiently hydrated, adding a layer of hyaluronic acid on top of your serum will help you lock in the moisture. If you don’t know where to start, take a look at vitamin E and hyaluronic acid combinations to add a boost to your skin’s elasticity.
  2. Jelly Lip Mask: Looking after your skin also involves doing everything to avoid chapped lips. Not only are chapped lips unattractive, but they can also hurt you while talking and eating. The last thing you want to add to your winter woes are bleeding lips, so stop licking them. It only strips away moisture quicker than normal. Instead, invest in a good quality chapstick (skip the mint, please) for daytime use. For your night routine, you can take the help of a jelly lip mask to return all the hydration your lips have lost during the day. You’re guaranteed plush and plump looking lips all day.
  3. Face Sleeping Mask: A sleeping mask is a thin film of gel-based cream applied all over your face and neck once you’ve finished adding your nighttime products. This mask provides all the necessary nutrients to replenish your skin and undo the damage caused throughout the day. It also addresses neutralizing free radicals, reversing sun damage and much more. Apply this twice a week to make sure that your skin receives all the care in your anti-aging routine.
  4. Sheet Masks: One of the products that can help you achieve incredibly soft and supple skin is sheet masks. Brought to us from the South Korean beauty regime, these masks are dipped in rich serum to help provide an instant glow and moisture boost. There are sheet masks for different purposes, with different ingredients. Make sure that you pick ones that suit you best, and perform a patch test.

Wrapping Up:

The products above all help you to maintain the moisture levels of your skin and avoid drying out. That being said, never forget to exfoliate and steam your skin regularly to avoid the build-up of cells and sebum.

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