How to Pack Dining Room Safely and Effectively

How to Pack Dining Room Safely and Effectively from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Packing the Dining room can be a tough task. There are many fragile items to be packed with a caution. The dining room items include the treasure pieces of furniture. Hence, it is necessary to take an extra time to pack them properly in order to protect them from damage and costly repairs. In this post, check out how to pack the dining room safely and effectively.

  1. Sort the Items

It is essential to sort out the dining room items and dispose of them off to avoid unnecessary packing. Select the items that are important for your usage and decide which items should be staying and going away. This will simplify the whole process of packing.

  1. Packing the Dining table

The dining table is the first pieces of furniture that should be packed as it will provide you more space to move and sense of accomplishment. You can start with the blanket of furniture and the bubble wrap for the dining table. This can help you to protect from the dents and scratches during the moving process. 

It is easier to move a table without legs. Thus as a first step, you should remove the bolts and screws from the legs of the table. Wrap the detachable leg with the bubble wrap for extra protection. In case you won’t be able to remove the legs then wrap those with bubble wrap for the prevention of dents or scratches. Remove and wrap the table leaf in the moving blanket. If you’re still finding difficulty then contact best removalist.

If you have the drop down sides table, wrap the sides in the blanket before putting the table top. It is suggested to wrap the detachable table top with many blankets as required to cover the table top. Tape the blankets in order to keep them secured from the bottom. Remember not to use the tape on the table top as it could peel the paint or leave a residue.

  1. Packing the Chairs

Once you pack the table, it is important to choose the chairs to pack the next. Packing chairs can be a complex process as the legs are the easiest to break. Remember to pack the bars with the bubble wrap. As this part of the chair is most delicate to get caught between doors or can break during moving. In fact, you can pack the rest of the chair to protect the marks on the chair with the stretch wrap. 

  1. Pack the Breakable Things

Your chinaware and other dinnerware are difficult to pack but if you take some time and cover them from cushion then you need not worry about the boxes. You should wrap each individual piece with clean white paper. Use several sheets of paper for each one. Wrap the stemware diagonally starting from the corner. The edges may get overlap but you should take extra cushioning to tuck them. Flatware should be wrapped individually with three or more manageable tiers.

Place the large plates at the bottom layer of the bundle. On the top of that, you can put shallow bowls and saucers.  It doesn’t matter what glass items you are packing into a box. Remember to put up the paper as a buffer between the items and don’t allow developing a single void inside the box.  Even a small shift can cause the shattering of cups or wine glass.

Dinnerware packing is the lightest and most crucial part of the dining room packing. Although they may not need the heavy lifting but can cause havoc if not handled properly. In case you are loading silverware or glass, it is necessary to fill all sides of the box with bubble wrap and paper padding. This will help to prevent the impact that may occur during moving or before or after that.

It is recommended to put the heavy items at the bottom during the loading of the boxes. Remember to pack heavy to light. The heavy items will prevent the crushing of lighter items. Label the breakable items as “fragile.”

  1. Packing the Furniture

In case you have the disassemble furniture for the move then keep the little parts such as screws and things in the same location. It is easy to lose these items during shifting. For the security, place all the door and drawers in the cabinet to ensure that they don’t open during the move. It is recommended to shrink- wrap the larger pieces, hutches, and cabinets with glass door. Pack the table leaves in the towel or linen. You can prevent table corners from bumps and nick by purchasing the protective corners from the moving company. Self-storage is the great solution to keep the item protected until you need them again.

It is important to pack all the items with caution. Once you take all these precautions for packing then you‘re ready to move the Dining room safe and successful

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