Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof Maintenance Tips from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

A stable and safe roof over your head is something every one of us wants. Literally, the roof is an essential part of the house. All homeowners want their house cover to last as long as possible. Re-covering the top of any facility is not easy at all, nor cheap. Besides, a broken or poorly placed tile can cause additional damage when moisture gets under it.

Regular maintenance of the roof does not cost much; occasionally, you just have to look at the tiles and attic to prevent much bigger (and more expensive) problems. By following this routine, removing dirt and debris, and solving tile problems on time, any roof can stay in great shape for many years.

Identify Problems on Time

The best advice for preventative is to look at your roof and ceiling regularly. If you do this daily, you will create a routine and be able to identify the first signs of a problem. That is important in order to make small repairs on time, rather than major renovations. Also, you should look carefully at the roof after every major storm or downpour.

Watch for any signs of external damage or internal leakage. Stains on the ceiling, mildew, and moisture on the inside walls are clear signs that there is a problem with the housing cover if you eliminate the internal sources of the problem.

From the outside, the first thing to look at is damaged, displaced, or missing shingles. If there are any patches already, regularly check how they look. Do not forget the connection points of shingles with chimneys, pipes, and ventilation, and be especially careful if you have roof windows. Due to poor installation, they can cause many problems.

Proper Attic Insulation

In the case of a roof, sometimes it is necessary to spend more money initially. Quality roofing is expensive, but proper prevention is worth of gold. If you have to change the entire roof structure later, that will cost a lot more.

Provide the attic with proper insulation and ventilation. An adequately laid layer of insulation will help keep your home’s internal temperature more stable. That will avoid the accumulation of aerated water from the underside of the roof. This way, you’ll prevent the mold too, which, apart from ruining the look of your home, can expand and cause health problems. 

Proper ventilation will also stop moisture and mildew buildup. If your project and build a home from scratch, just leave openings in the attic. If vents are small or missing, consider buying a fan that will ensure drainage.

Washing Tiles

Roof Maintenance Tips from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Manual washing of flooring is unsafe since you have to climb high and work under the angle. A better solution is to hire a cleaning professional like the pressure washing company in Sarasota. These agencies mostly use power washing machines. It may seem like a risky move, as a strong jet of water can loosen or damage the tile. But with the right pressure and proper washing angle, the risk is minimal, and the result is maximal. 

But if you still don’t want to risk, the sprayer and a garden hose are your ‘winning combination.’ You can do most of the work from the ground, but make sure to protect yourself if you have to climb on board. If you are dealing with algae and moss, use solutions to remove them before cleaning with water. In this case, wash the roofs when it is cloudy. The chemicals won’t evaporate too fast and you won’t have to inhale these gases.

Gutters Are Important Too

Gutters are often a neglected part of the house, and we are not even aware of how important they are to us. During the installation itself, take care of the angle at which they are placed. If the water does not drain, you have to fix the slope. 

Do not allow gutters to clog – when washing the roof, be sure to direct the jet through the entire drain channel. Cut branches that hang over the roof as they and dirt are the leading cause of clogging the gutters.

Besides storms, winds, and physical deterioration of roofing, there are many reasons why leaking happens. You should always address the problem thoroughly to minimize the possibility of any other damage. In the case of roof maintenance, the saying ‘better safe than sorry’ is pretty much true.

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