5 Tips to Buying A Patio Umbrella

5 Tips to Buying A Patio Umbrella from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

1. Size

Patio umbrellas come in different sizes and designs, from the traditional round ones to rectangular and square ones. You should choose a patio umbrella that covers the area you want to cover adequately. Most importantly you should choose an umbrella that covers the width of the table and having some extra width that ensures that no unwanted sunlight comes to the table. Patio umbrellas typically come in sizes that range from 4 to 11 feet in diameter, with some being as large as 13 feet in diameter. The bigger the diameter the larger the coverage the umbrella provides from the sun.

2. Climate

Your local climate will determine what kind of patio umbrella that you should purchase. Low altitude areas, near oceans, have moist salty air which may cause the patio umbrella pole to rust fast. To prevent this, buy a patio umbrella with an aluminum pole which will be sturdy and resistant to rust. Windy areas will require umbrellas with strong ribs, mostly made from fiberglass, which prevents the frame from bending and breaking. In addition to this, buy an umbrella with a heavy base which will make it difficult to blow away. High altitude areas will face more rainfall and thus you should get an umbrella made from a waterproof material that is strong enough to withstand the heavy raindrops. A good patio umbrella should also be able to withstand intense heat from the sun without fading. A good patio umbrella for sunny climate is a solar one which absorbs the solar energy during the day and then converts it into electricity at night, keeping the patio lit all day and night.

3. Tilt mechanism

The best patio umbrella should keep you shaded all the time when the sun is out. This, however, is difficult since the sun’s position shifts at different times of the day meaning at some point it will burn you.  This problem is solved by the presence of tilting patio umbrellas which adjust their position, ensuring that they cover you regardless of the sun’s position. The tilting mechanism comes in three main systems; collar, auto-tilt and through the push of a button, and you should choose one according to your preference.

4. Fabric

Patio umbrellas come in different types of canopies and designs, and you should choose one, not only because of aesthetics but because of the material it is made from. Outdoor umbrellas usually have UV resistant fabric that keeps the harmful rays of the sun at bay, while some umbrellas have breathable fabrics which allow water vapor to pass through, providing a cooling effect for the users underneath.

5. Budget

Like all things, patio umbrellas vary in cost, some being relatively cheap while some are rather expensive. However, do not buy one just because of the price, since a cheap one can be quite good while an expensive one may be great but may result in expensive aftermarket repairs. Therefore, do adequate research on what type of patio umbrella you want, factoring in the other four requirements listed above, and then make a purchase depending on your budget.

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