How To Make A Shelter Dog A Brand New Member Of Your Family

Many of us feel naturally compassionate towards shelter dogs. Through no fault of their own, these animals have found themselves without owners. And that can seriously take its toll on their well-being. 

Taking on a shelter dog, however, is generally more challenging than buying a new pooch as a puppy. They often have histories of abuse and neglect. And that can lead to challenging needs and behaviors. 

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We take a look at some tips for making a shelter dog a brand new member of your family. 

Ask Shelter Staff Questions Before You Take The Dog Home

Before you adopt a shelter dog, it’s a good idea to go to the kennels armed with questions to ask shelter staff. You want to find out as much information as possible about the animal before you take them home. 

Here’s what to ask: 

  • How old is the dog? 
  • Does the dog have a history of violence or abuse? 
  • Is the dog safe around children? 
  • Is the dog fearful of people? 
  • Does the animal have any health problems you should know about? 
  • How much time does the dog need to spend exercising every day? 
  • How does the dog behave around other animals?
  • Does the dog have any special dietary requirements?
  • Has the previous owner provided any helpful information you might require? 

Prepare Your Home

The next step is to prepare your home for the arrival of the new dog. 

First, make sure that the garden is secure. Ensure that your dog can’t slip between gaps in the fencing or underneath gates. 

Next, provide them with sleeping accommodation. If the dog has a history of abuse, consider investing in an Australian made calming dog bed. These types of beds help dogs to feel more secure and relaxed. 

Lastly, check your entire home for potential hazards. Plug sockets, loose wires, and water can potentially harm the dog. 

Take The Dog For A Walk With The Family

Once you finally bring the dog home, allow them a few minutes to have a good sniff around and get their bearings. Then, go for a walk with the whole family, allowing them to stretch their legs. This way, you can see how they behave around other people. You can also get them used to spending time with each family member individually. 

When bringing them back from the rescue center, it’s a good idea to bring any blanket or toys with them. The familiar smells will comfort them during their first few days in your home. 

Book Your Dog An Appointment At The Local Vet

Whenever you rescue a dog, you never know what health problems and conditions might be lurking in the background. Many owners, therefore, like to take their new animals to the vet for a checkup. This will reassure you that your dog doesn’t have any health problems, while also allowing you to nip any emerging issues in the bud. Vets can also provide guidance on dealing with behavioral issues if these are a problem.

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