How to Have More Fun for Less Money

How to Have More Fun for Less Money from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

We all love having fun. Although we probably don’t consider the same activities fun that we did when we were kids enjoying blowing bubbles or watching cartoons, fun is still a necessary part of our lives. Laughter and relaxation are both vital to living a rich life, and we should be getting both through myriad adventures with friends and family. If you work too hard, worry too much, or stay at home too often, you could probably use a healthy dose of fun. If you need to get out and start living, check out this list of ways to have fun for less money.

Plan a Day Trip to a Nearby Town

We tend to think of vacations as expensive things that we plan for, save for, and structure our weekends around. It turns out that, if you have a free Saturday, you could be taking a spur of the moment vacation, by yourself, with your family, or with friends. Head to a nearby town and have a fantastic time enjoying their dining, shopping, and tourist activities. A city doesn’t have to be a tourist trap to show you an outstanding time. The next time you’ve got the cabin fever blues, pull up Google maps and get in your car, with nothing but perhaps a vague destination in mind. Road trips can take you to some amazing locations, and places like Mooresville, NC, Door County, WI, or Galena, IL could have exactly what you’re looking for.

Have an Appetizers Night with Friends

Eating out can be expensive. However, if you want to have a great evening out with a bunch of friends, consider doing an appetizers-only meal. It’s kind of like tapas, but with a bit of cheating. Depending on what restaurant you go to, the apps can be the most exciting and interesting stuff on the menu. Lots of restaurants offer half-price appetizers after a certain hour. And, if everyone pitches in, you can wind up with a table full of tasting opportunities, a night’s worth of conversation, and a much smaller bill. If it works for you and your friends, make a tradition out of it! Keep checking out new restaurants, like the Hangout, which offer even more than great food.

Go Outside

The great outdoors is still free of charge. While you might need to spend money to reach the mountains or the beach, a car full of friends is cheaper than airfare, and a campsite is cheaper than hotel rooms. Get outside to start having more fun, for very little money, or maybe even none at all. Spend the day exploring the woods, going swimming at the local lake, or invite friends over for a campfire and smores. If you want some time to flirt with your significant other, rely on some of nature’s magic. There’s something grounding about a night spent with fireflies, and fresh air. The sunlight can do wonders for your health, as well. You might find that the sound of crickets, the smell of greenery, or a starry sky were what was missing from your life. So, the next you’re ready to plan a gathering, plan it outside. You don’t have to spend money on event admission or restaurant dining to have an incredible night.

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