Battling Allergy Season with P & G Everyday

I’ve recently partnered with P&G Everyday as they launch their Empty Nest, Full Life platform where you can find coupons for P&G products, recipes, inspiration, and much more!

Spring has sprung, and we are almost into summer, and you know what that means. If you live in the south like I do, it’s also pollen season. I swear since I have gotten older, my allergies are out of control. Or should I say I have allergies now because I was only allergic to bee stings and amoxicillin growing up. But now, (look out!) it’s stuffy nose, headaches, watery eyes and itchy skin.

It sucks to get old, sometimes my “get up and go” gets up and leaves before I do, and I am stuck in a rut. But now should be the time of my life that I should be going out and living a little. My girls no longer need mom around to watch their every move. I mean, I have one moving to California and is already on the road, one about to start her sophomore year in college and another heading into her junior year of high school. Now should be the time that I get out and do more things with friends and hubby.

Battling Allergy Season with P & G Everyday from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

But those darn allergies, sometimes make me feel less than my best. That is why I have come up with a neat little allergy survival kit to carry in my car. The first thing I include is Vick’s Vapor Rub. This helps relieve the nagging cough. Plus, it feels great when under your nose is raw from all the running it does. And you can’t forget the tissues and allergy pills. I also include some Lavender essential oil in there as well because it helps to soothe rashes. And of course, I always make sure to include some chapstick for the times my lips get chapped.

Battling Allergy Season with P & G Everyday from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

P&G Everyday recently launched Empty Nest, Full Life – an online community for those of us entering a new stage in life. It’s chock full of saving on P&G products, recipes, stories, and inspiration. Head on over to their site and see for yourself!

I am glad that this community allows me to live my best life even if I do have an empty nest. And I also love that there are brands like Vick’s that have been around since before I was born that help me through this season.

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