How to Create A Prom Inspiration Pinterest Board

It is never to early to start finding the perfect dress. Although prom season is over, you can still look for a prom dress. Did you know that Pinterest has some amazing prom dresses pinned to their site? Since next year is Mikaela’s Senior Prom we decided to create a Prom Inspiration board on Pinterest.

Here are the steps so you can create your own board. First go install the Pinterest button on your browser. This will allow you to pin from any website you visit.


Now search for the dress. Say for instance you are interested in mermaid prom dresses. Enter those key words into your search engine and see what comes up. Then using the handy dandy pinterest button you can pin the dress you like to your prom board.

mermaid dress

A girl has a right to change her mind. And change our mind we do. Something we might like one day we may think is totally ugly the next. So if you decide you don’t want a mermaid dress but want to see some short prom dresses than just repeat the steps and pin the dresses you might like.

short prom dress

That is the great thing about Pinterest board, it will save your picks for prom dresses and the websites that you found them on to make it easier when it comes time to go prom dress shopping. It allows you to look for dresses of all kinds and all colors.

pink dress

Plus you are able to narrow down a few choices so that you will help you decided which dress is the one.

So tell me did you find this tutorial helpful? Here is what Mikaela’s inspiration board looks like.

Follow Melissa Vera’s board Prom Inspiration on Pinterest.

As you can see she is all over the place with what kind of dress that she likes. But this board will be so helpful when it comes time to shop again.

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