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Easy Tips To Refresh Your Career After A Maternity Break

Easy Tips To Refresh Your Career After A Maternity Break

A maternity break may seem like a full stop to your career, but motherhood is a choice most women professionals make at some point. The good thing is that a comeback is easier than ever, specifically when hybrid work models are trending. You can find lucrative opportunities after an extended maternity break, provided you look at the right places. Moreover, a commitment to refreshing your career can set you apart from others moms who dive in without adequate preparation. Here are some expert-recommended tips for a successful career makeover after motherhood.

Assess your current situation

A break of even a few years is enough to push you far behind your peers because you may not have relevant skills. The best way to prep for a comeback is by assessing your current situation and identifying the skill gaps. Also, check the trending skills in your niche and dig deep into the competitive market. You may feel disappointed about being far behind in the race, but the purpose of the assessment is to plan the route.

Cover the gaps with skill development

Jumping into the job landscape without preparation is not a great decision. Even if you land a good opportunity, you may end up feeling frustrated at work. Consider covering the gaps with skill development before applying for jobs. You need not worry about going back to school amid your busy mommy schedule. Brushing up on your skills is easier than ever, as you can pick courses online.

Rework your resume

Once you refresh your skills, it is time to rework your resume to get your career on a roll again. Be honest about the gap because taking an extended maternity break is absolutely valid for moms. Most recruiters do not have qualms about helping talented women get back into the workforce. Besides updating your resume, ensure having your documents in place. You can get fake college diplomas as replicas if you are unable to locate the original one. It is easy to misplace your key stuff when raising a baby is a priority, but you shouldn’t let a missing document become a career barrier. 

Rebuild your network

There are no shortcuts to landing a dream opportunity after a maternity break. You may have a tough time finding employers willing to accept an employee after being on a sabbatical for years. Some may not be convinced about getting a mommy on board. But rebuilding your network is a viable way to narrow your search and find the right match. In fact, you may even get a referral or direct offer in your network. Moreover, networking helps your find inspiration from like-minded women.

Revamp your wardrobe

Giving your career a fresh start is also about dressing right for interviews and the office. Check your collection and invest in a wardrobe makeover because you will probably need one. Think beyond mommy jeans and comfy track pants, and pack a punch with power dressing. Remember to buy some accessories that make you feel confident. Getting back into shape also helps.

Returning to the workforce after a mommy break is easier than you imagine. You only need to take the right road and stay motivated until you find your way, no matter how challenging things appear.

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