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I am so happy to announce that I am an official ambassador for DealSpotr. I  am writing this post in conjunction with my new partnership. 



Ever found an item that you can’t believe how much it costs but you buy it anyway. Then while you are browsing the World Wide Web you find a promo code or a sale on that same item. Insert face palm here. Has it happened to you, it has to me a million times (well maybe not a million but still enough time to regret spending the money.) I have often thought to myself why isn’t there a site that I could go to check out deals. I know there are sites like this out there but a lot are very confusing and not very user-friendly. And most of these sites are only getting the deals from the companies themselves. Why isn’t there a site created for consumers that will allow us to upload deals to share with others but also reward us for the uploading the deals. I have always said that karma is a good thing.

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That is why when I was approached by Jason from DealSpotr to be in their focus group about a new website for consumers. I jumped at the chance. I loved the fact that my input made a difference in the website. If you aren’t familiar with DealSpotr here is a little bit about them.


dealsptr karma

Basically, a person creates an id and starts uploading deals they find. These deals can be codes to use to shop, sales on certain items, rebates or even printable coupons to stores. Plus you can earn karma points for uploading deals, following people, voting on deals as well as getting points when people vote on deals that you upload. So it is a win win situation, you win because you save money finding the deals on this site and then you win by getting karma points that you can use to trade in for Amazon gift cards. I know right I love AMAZON as well.

So head over and join DealSpotr and starting earning those karma points.

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