How to Build a Custom Skincare Regimen Based on Your Skin Type

How to build a custom skincare regimen based on your skin type from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When you want to build a custom skincare regimen for your unique skin, there are some factors to consider. In other words, guesswork should be taken out when it comes to skincare. For most people, how to build a skincare kit based on the skin seems crazy militant.

How do you ensure you are applying the best French skincare? In this article, I am going to take you through the basics of choosing the right skincare regimen for your skin type.

To ensure you pick the best French pharmacy skincare products, ask yourself the following questions.

  1. How does skincare product work?
  2. What is the reason you want to purchase a particular product?
  3. When will you apply the French pharmacy skincare product?
  4. What results do you expect when purchasing the product?

It would also be a great idea to check out the skin care manufacturing company that you are thinking of buying from to see what their practices are and how highly recommended they are. But there are different factors that might also influence what is in your skincare kit. Let us go through some of the factors that influence what goes into your skincare kit.

Skincare products change with the season

In summer, when the temperatures are up high, the facial skin might feel flaky, dry, and uncomfortable. In monsoon months, your perfectly normal skin might resemble a greased ball. It turns out, your skincare regime kit changes with the season. This is in the same way, your wardrobe changes through the seasons. Ideally, the climate might define what skincare products to purchase.

Skin type determines the Skincare Kit Composition

With a clear understanding of what your skin needs, you can determine the right French pharmacy skincare to buy. Your skin is unique from your own sister’s skin. In addition, the skin changes with time. Knowing the skin type categories will help you purchase the skincare products that work best. Ideally, depending on whether your skin is dry, normal, oily, prone to acne, or mature skin, you are going to need a particular skincare product.

Some people have the combined skin type, and hence should be able to find the skincare type that works best on the particular skin type.  If you are not sure what your skin type is, you might want to speak to a dermatologist. Better still, you can take the skin type quiz, in order to be able to pick the right skincare kit for the particular skin type.

Remember that the skin does not stay the same forever. As illustrated above, the requirements might change with climatic conditions. Environmental changes, as well as hormonal changes, will influence the skin. For instance, if your skin feels oily in monsoon months, it might turn dry and chapped in summer. Thus, you will be required to reassess your skin after every six months.

How to Choose the Right Skincare Kit Depending on the Weather and the particular skin type

We have discussed the factors that influence skincare kit composition. Now, it is important you ensure that you strike a balance when purchasing best French skincare. If your skin type is normal skin but turns oily in winter, you have to make sure the French pharmacy skincare kit you are picking shall work harmoniously for your skin type and weather changes. 

Picking the right Summer Skincare Kit for your Skin type

For persons with dry or normal to dry skin, you need to purchase less moisturizer because of humidity in summer or in winter. Therefore, rather than go for a rich cream, you can start by applying lighter moisturizers. Then, you can continue to gentle non-drying cleansers for hydrating the skin twice a day.

In summer, sunscreens become a basic requirement for your skin. Thus, if you have dry or normal skin, go for the gel or cream-based sunscreens to protect the skin from the effects of the scorching sun. Remember to wear sunscreen even in monsoon because the harmful effects of the UV rays will be equally potent then.

For oily or combination skin, it is often an uphill task choosing the best skincare regime for winter or summer. First, to control the oiliness, ensure the skin is clean throughout the day. Go for cleansers with salicylic acid at least thrice in a day. Light water or gel-based moisturizers will also adequately hydrate the skin. Rich or oil-based products tend to clog the pores, worsening existing acne. The sunscreen also needs to be gel or water-based just to make sure the pores aren’t clogged.

For the sensitive skin, no matter the climate or the temperatures, you ought to take good care of the skin. Go for the gentle, PH balanced cleansers as these works better on the sensitive skin. When purchasing the French pharmacy skincare products, do not forget the thermal spring water mist. It will calm any rash or skin reactions. Persons with sensitive skin type should avoid products with alcohol or comprising artificial fragrances.

Remember that the rest of the body is equally important just as you consider the facial skin. for that reason, go for the skincare products that will work best for the whole body. In addition, when purchasing the skincare products, you will want to consider why you want to consider a given French skincare product, and when it should be applied in your regimen routine. Most importantly, consider the results that you can expect when using the skincare product.

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