Assuming Can Be Harmful To Everyone Involved


For those that follow me on Facebook,  there was thread yesterday that has now since been deleted because of some comments about my post about Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance. Unfortunately, it took a turn that I can’t say that I am proud of not because I don’t respect other people’s opinions but because all opinions weren’t respected. I draw the line at being called names. I was told because I was “white privilege” I would never understand, and when I asked several of those who posted to write a post so that we can all get a better understanding, I was told that the reason they didn’t want to write was because I was dumb and called the r-word.

I am sorry that if I chose not to let a person’s color define how I treat them. And that is what I am teaching my girls as well. What really bothered about the whole thread is that I was told I was making assumptions about things I didn’t know anything about, but those that commented are also guilty of the same thing. They assumed because I put two words like Confederate Flag in my post that I fly one. GUESS WHAT!!! I Don’t. They also assumed that when I said biracial that I meant black. GUESS WHAT?? There are more than two races in this country, and if they had even taken the time to look at the blog and look to the right, they would know that wasn’t true. That was my point exactly, they looked at my picture and saw race, not the person.

And that was my point exactly. When you allow race to be the main factor that affects how you treat one another, then that is the problem. So when you say I will never understand because I am white privilege maybe not but continuing to say that because I don’t agree to all that you are saying that I am wrong is wrong as well. That is what is so great about our country we all have a right to believe what we want.

I think my Facebook Status sums it up best this morning.

Yesterday the thread was not about one race being better than the other. It was about the fact that we should embrace our differences and learn from one another. No matter what I said, nobody got that. Is race all I see when I see a person no, but to some that were commenting yesterday that is all they saw when they looked at me. My point was made by that. Here is a video that I think will explain everything. I wasn’t advocating that one race was better than another I was advocating what God wants us all to do, to love one another. That is what I am teaching my children. When you assume things about people, that is where the problem comes in. Did I have a problem with Beyonce up until Sunday no! Did I have a problem with her being proud of heritage – no! Everybody should be proud of their ancestors. What I did have a problem with is that message of love was taken as being something that it wasn’t. Did you know that the NFL has strict rules about shows of activism during the Super Bowl, but yet the song was about as some said anti-police brutality? So tell me how is this ad which is about strong Native Americans any different? That was my point when we say one thing is okay and another isn’t that is where the problem comes in. Will I ever understand the struggles of other races, no but I can learn! But when I repeatedly told that my opinion is wrong and yours is the only one that is right is where is there is a problem. Telling me that I am dumb, and I won’t understand and by raising my children not to let the person skin color be what defines the way they treat others is continuing the prejudice and racist is where I draw the line. There was a thread yesterday that I was reading about a police officer who was shot and being kept alive on life support so his organs can be donated, the thread never mentioned who shot the officer but was one for prayers and support for the family. And there was one person who stated that cops kill too. And at that point, it turned very ugly. That’s my point we need to learn from each other and listen to each other opinions respectively. It is what makes this country great. Just because we don’t agree to all of what each other say just means that we have different views. Did I listen to what people had to say yesterday yes. Those that stated their opinions in a noncombative way yes. I am sorry, but nobody is better than anybody else. All of us are similar, we all have are struggles and issues, some are more involved than others yes but in the end, when we bleed we all bleed in the same color.

Here is the video I was talking about:


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  1. It’s interesting how people can throw judgement without even knowing all of the facts! Stay strong, my friend. In this world, not everyone will agree with everything, but that’s just life. Those of us with differing opinions need to stand up and speak our minds with those that usually get the high end with their running mouths!

  2. Assuming can be incredibly hurtful. And honestly, sometimes I think those who continually play the race card, are often the most racist of them all. It is always best to learn the facts before you make any judgements Sorry for your rough day…

    Life With Lorelai

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