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Most people know Tyler Perry as a successful businessman, entrepreneur and more importantly the man behind my favorite character of all time, Madea. But did you know he was brought up in a poor abusive household in Louisiana? And that at one point in his twenties he was living in his car. 

I am pretty sure you are shocked because, to be honest, I was as well. I knew some of his story but after reading “Higher is Waiting” I have a new found respect for this man. 

It was almost like he crawled into my head and read my thoughts and put them down on paper. The fact that he struggled to get where he is today made a huge impact on me. Here is a little bit about the book. 

An intimate book of inspiration by one of the great cultural icons of our time. Higher Is Waiting is a spiritual guidebook, a collection of teachings culled from the experiences of a lifetime, meant to inspire readers to climb higher in their own lives and pull themselves up to a better, more fulfilling place. In this intimate book, Tyler Perry writes of how his faith has sustained him in hard times, centered him in good times, and enriched his life. Beginning with his earliest memories of growing up a shy boy in New Orleans, Perry recalls the moments of grace and beauty in a childhood marked by brutality, deprivation, and fear. With tenderness he sketches portraits of the people who sustained him and taught him indelible lessons about integrity, trust in God, and the power of forgiveness: his aunt Mae, who cared for her grandfather, who was born a slave, and sewed quilts that told a story of generations; Mr. Butler, a blind man of remarkable dignity and elegance, who sold penny candies on a street corner; and his beloved mother, Maxine, who endured abuse, financial hardship, and the daily injustices of growing up in the Jim Crow South yet whose fierce love for her son burned bright and never dimmed. Perry writes of how he nurtured his dreams and discovered solace in nature, and of his resolute determination to reach ever higher. Perry vividly and movingly describes his growing awareness of God’s presence in his life, how he learned to tune in to His voice, to persevere through hard times, and to choose faith over fear. Here he is: the devoted son, the loving father, the steadfast friend, the naturalist, the philanthropist, the creative spirit—a man whose life lessons and insights into scripture are a gift offered with generosity, humility, and love.

I too have been hurt by friends and find it hard to trust in my dreams but Perry knows what most do and I do too. ( But I will confess I often ignore it.) And that is to Trust in God. Right now I am going through a situation with my youngest. Teenage girls and high school kids can be so cruel that I often find myself getting upset with her and the situation. 

But yesterday after reading this book ( which I might add is filled with stories of trusting the Lord, questions for personal reflection as well as Bible verses at the end of each chapter.), I quickly redirected my anger at the situation with my daughter into a more positive way. Instead of exploding and causing hurt feelings we were able to come up with a plan to help her do what she was supposed to be doing. 

I highly recommend this book- even if you are not very high on Christian writing- the story of how Tyler Perry achieved overcoming the odds that were stacked against him is so worth the read. To find out more about the book check out Tyler’s website. 

And now here is the fun part you have a chance to win a copy of the book for yourself. Just use the rafflecopter below to enter. 

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  1. I’d read anything by Tyler Perry. Say what you will about the guy, he built an empire on a Chris Rock joke at a stand up show. That’s crazy impressive.

  2. This book sounds interesting and something I would love! I hope this is open internationally, I entered the giveaway! Thank you.

  3. Hmmm, I didn’t know much at all about Tyler Perry but now I’m intrigued. I think this would be a book that would really resonate with me.

  4. This sounds like a great read. I love when celebrities can be authentic. I will put this on my book list!

  5. I knew Tyler Perry had hit it big but never knew much about his background. Always great to hear about someone who made it big without a wealthy or famous family to bankroll their efforts. Seems like an interesting read.

  6. I don’t know much about Tyler Perry, but he’s definitely successful. I may have to check out this book, thanks for sharing.

  7. I didnt know that Tyler Perry had written a book. Im sure he has a great story to tell.

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