Four Reasons Your Child Might Not Be Doing Well In School

child not doing well in school

Maybe your child is getting bad grades or they’ve gotten written up for acting up in class. Maybe at the last parent-teacher conference, you were told that you child wasn’t participating in class, aside from turning in homework. Bad grades, acting up in class, or non-participation aren’t always simply signs of rebellion or a kid that doesn’t care.

There are many factors that can lead to a child doing poor in school or having issues in class. Some of them could actually be health related.

Poor Eyesight

Your child could be getting bad grades because they just can’t see well. If the teacher is writing a lot of things on the dry erase board or the children watch a lot of videos, your child could be suffering from nearsightedness, also known as myopia. They could be having a problem seeing things close up, like textbooks, instead.

The only way to know if eyesight is the culprit of your child’s school issues is to take them in for an eye exam. By getting glasses your child, if their eyes were the problem, should start doing better in school.

Bad Hearing

While most people think that hearing issues come with old age, that just isn’t true. Children can suffer from hearing problems, for many different reasons. Ear infections are extremely common in children and can be a cause of their hearing issues.

Have your child’s hearing checked if they seem to not be listening in class or at home? It could be that they can’t hear you rather than the fact that they just aren’t listening.

Attention Issues

If your child is having trouble paying attention in class or even sitting still, it could be that they have an attention deficit disorder or that they might even be on the autism spectrum. When younger children are acting out, there is often more of a reason for it than them just being a brat.

Take your child to the family doctor and talk to them about the issues that they have been having. They can test your child for ADD or for autism and get you and your child on the path to recovery and a better education.

Not Being Challenged Enough

You might find that your child is actually in perfect health and their issue is simply that school isn’t challenging them enough. Your child could be learning faster than the other children in their grade or in their classes. Your child may be getting great grades but causing disruptions in class.

You could have them tested on an intelligence scale. It may also help to talk to the school about getting them into more challenging classes, or moving them forward a grade.

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