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MyCausora is a new free fundraising solution, which can be easily integrated in your website via an embed code. MyCausora allows you to support a cause of your choice on your site and to encourage others to support your cause as well. You can also earn commission on donations, all while your users receive an equal amount of gift cards from over 150+ merchants for every dollar they donate (win-win-win). So basically it is a way to give and get gratification at the same time.

Whenever reader makes a donation, say $20 to your charity, they receive $20 Causora credits which can be used at any participating online merchants! How cool is that. The cause that I chose to support is one that is dear to my heart. My choice is the Marine Corps Toys for Tots Campaign.  I have seen firsthand what great joy this can bring to the life of a child. My daughter has been involved with a volunteer organization at her school and last Christmas she was able to obtain Christmas presents for children at an underprivileged school because of this program. Of course she had an in, my dad is a retired Marine. And he is very involved with the Marine Corps League so she was able to go with my dad to the storage unit to get toys for those kids. She said that she loved watching the children’s faces light up when they saw the toys that were just for them. Using this site makes it easier it is to fundraiser. There are several awesome causes that you can donate to. I will have to say that I had a hard time deciding which one to use for this post but I ended up choosing one that has to deal with children, who are near and dear to my heart. If you are interested in donating use the widget below to help make a child’s next Christmas a little brighter.

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