4 Numbers You Need to Have to Avoid Costly Bills

4 Numbers You Need to Have to Avoid Costly Bills from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

My friend learned a very hard lesson when she moved a few years ago. She didn’t do her research to find a good vet, and when her dog’s back got hurt, she had to rush to the first emergency vet she could find. The vet’s prices were four or five times the average vet cost, but she was in a bind and her dog was screaming in pain.

It’s a financial situation that she put herself into.

If she had done my research beforehand, she would have found the vet down the street that specializes in the type of back issue (a disc degeneration) that her dog was suffering from. She would have also saved a ton of money in the process.

Being proactive and researching beforehand can make you frugal.

A few of the numbers you should have on-hand are:

1. Urgent Care Clinics

You’re not going to save money by going to the emergency room. I walked into the emergency room for stitches and was charged by the hospital, doctor and for all of the items, they threw away instead of using.

It’s a major expense even if you have insurance.

Urgent Care, or a similar clinic, fill the gap. The price is usually $100, and this allows you to be seen by a professional rather than waiting in an emergency room with an astronomical bill coming your way.

Note: Of course, use the emergency room for serious conditions that need immediate help.

2. Plumbers, Electricians

When your pipe breaks in the middle of the night or your electric goes off and the rest of the block has power, your life will be easier if you have the numbers of a few professionals on-hand.

You could call the first plumber that does emergency calls, but it will cost you a pretty penny.

The goal is to find out who offers the best price and service in town for emergency calls. You should have these numbers on hand, and they should include:

  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Heating and cooling experts

You’ll sleep better at night knowing that you have a professional on speed dial if something goes wrong.

3. Neighbors

Your neighbors, if they’re good and friendly people, are often more than willing to help you out of a bind. These are the people that you want to have in your Rolodex just in case an emergency occurs.

If your car breaks down, you might be able to have your neighbor drive you to pick your car up from the mechanic rather than calling a taxi.

Keep your neighbors’ numbers handy so that when you need them most, they’re ready and able to help you.

4. Doctors

If you haven’t started to search for a doctor in your area, it’s time to do so. You’ll want to find doctors for everything, including:

  • General practice
  • Eyes
  • Dentist

The goal is to have someone that knows your medical history and will be able to provide you with prompt service when you need it most. Running to the emergency room when you have the flu could be avoided if you have a doctor that you trust.

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