Have You Noticed the Juicing Trend?

juicing trend

Have you noticed the new juicing trend? It seems like everywhere I go now I see juice bars. Heck even on last week’s episode of Chrisley Knows Best they were doing a commercial for their new juice bar. If you haven’t seen that episode yet you need to- Nanny Faye is a total hoot in the commercial.

That episode, which by the way I watched last night as a rerun, got me thinking about the juicing trend. When I was growing up, there were only a few kinds of juice that my mom would buy for us to drink. There were apple and orange and occasionally she would purchase the pineapple one. But it was normally just the standard two.


But today’s kids have some much more to choose from. I mean seriously folks there are so many flavors on the market. They go from plain juice to mixed blends and even Aloe Vera Juice. I mean seriously who would have ever thought of drinking aloe. Seriously, aloe the stuff you use to heal burns and soothe sunburns.

I know I would have never thought of it. In fact, until I saw it the other day I never even knew it existed. That got my little mind whirling with questions I decided to investigate even more. Did you know that most professional manufacturer of aloe vera drinks using the pulp from the aloe plant to create their drink?. They are all natural and don’t use such things as aloe powder when manufacturing their drinks.

Wow! I didn’t know that? All I had known before I started learning about this juice craze was pineapple was my favorite juice. In fact, it is my favorite fruit. {Little confession here, today has not been the best day, so I am writing this story as I am pigging out on pig picking cake aka Pineapple cake just like my Grandma Davis used to make.} So you see pineapple in any form soothes my soul.

So tell me have you ever heard of aloe vera drinks before? If you have, let me know what you think about it?

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