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Today’s post was supposed to be about how funny Austin da Luz is but after reading some of the comments on yesterday’s post I felt like I had to address those before the silly post. So tune in tomorrow for the funny post. Now today I want to address the Twitter unfollowing. Yes he did unfollow me on twitter but that does not mean that I lost contact with him. In fact I got something so much better than a twitter follower. I actually got personal interaction.

Have you noticed that with the onset of social media- we have lost personal interaction?  When you have good news to share do you call people and tell them in person or do you take to social media to tell the whole world, sometimes even before you tell those that are closest to you. I will admit that I have done that in the past but I will say that I prefer the personal interaction over anything else.

The whole point of the story was to show how being able to get to know him better changed the way I worked on the blog. It made me worked harder. But it also made me appreciate the fact that I now have someone that if need help with future stories I can contact. Making face to face contact is so much better than anything that social media can provide. Sure I have made some awesome friends through social media, but do you know what gets me really excited is when I actually get to meet them in person. That is when things get real. So instead of criticizing for the unfollowing look at what I got in exchange real human contact. Let’s not forget that face to face to contact is so much more important than anything social media can provide. So with that said I challenge each and every one of you to reach out to some whether it is an old friend, who you haven’t talked to in a while or someone you might know just on casual basis and make that personal contact.

So tell me are you up the challenge.

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  1. Sometimes people just need to clean up their accounts it seems. Glad you got to meet him. I don’t know who is he, but I’m sure it’s a great memory! 🙂

  2. I think that since you know him personally and have taken steps to get to know him, it was extremely rude of him to unfollow you like that. It makes it seem like he doesn’t value the relationship.

  3. We have definitely lost a lot of personal interaction with social media – it’s so much easier to just “like” something instead of picking up the phone. I will be contacting someone this week I haven’t spoken to in a while just to say hello 🙂

  4. Robin, He did the unfollowing before we really got to know each other. But he always makes sure to speak to us at games.

  5. Yes, it’s always a great thing to reach out to old friends. I think sometimes we get to caught up in social media and lose focus on what matters.

  6. Personal interaction is so important. That is how we truly get to know people and what positive we can gain from others.

  7. it’s quite a different world we’re in! I’m new to twitter so glad to have read this!

  8. Seems like these days you have to practically beg for interaction on social media. My struggle is Facebook.

  9. I wouldn’t read too much into it. There can be many reasons for an unfollow. Getting some personal interaction on social media is very positive so I’m glad for you in that regard. I tend to be more cautious when it comes to connecting on a personal level as sometimes a follower gets TOO personal and wants to meet up in person. That is fine on a professional level if meeting up with a colleague at a blogger conference to share ideas or tips, but for other personal meet ups that sends up red flags and I choose to be extra careful. I agree with sticking to calls when wanting to share exciting news first with close family and friends before sharing on social media. It’s more personal that way.

  10. It is nice when you get to meet someone that you have been talking to online in real life. I enjoy doing that every once in a while.

  11. We’ve lost that personal interaction yes, but sometimes it’s the only interaction we have! A friend of mine took herself off FB and I’m LOST half the time without her on there since most of my day is on social media (work purposes). Having different schedules though makes it difficult. However, we do speak about every 2 days, but sometimes you just need to sneak in that social media time!

  12. It is so much more rewarding to have face yo face when possible. I use twitter to promote mostly.

  13. I truly appreciate in person interactions. It is just so much warmer than online connections! Funny, I’ve never really kept track of social media numbers that much … which could be why I don’t have much happening on Twitter 😉

  14. We have truly lost touch with a lot of things since social media came around. Now I’ve noticed that my kids even text each other and they’re in the same house.

  15. I agree that social media has us being less social with each other! I’m glad you got to get to know him

  16. Well thought out post! It’s so true we’re much less social these days…I always prefer email over a phone call even! I’m going to try and take your challenge 🙂

  17. It’s so very true… we “think” we are being more social but really if we are glued to our computers and phone ignoring those that are around us we are really just isolating ourselves and becoming less social. I would rather a warm cup of coffee and great conversation with a close friend then chatting online any day!

  18. Even though I don’t know the full gist of what happened between you, what matters is that you had personal engagement with this person and you are happy with the outcome. Sadly, some people overuse social media and share everything. I don’t.

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