Guest Post: The digital printing revolution


There is a quiet revolution going on in the world of printing and the new buzzword is ‘digital printing’. It was not so long ago that the traditional lithographic printing was nudged out by offset printing, a novelty at that time, and already the latter is on its way out. Digital printing has made printing cheaper and more accessible to both individuals and companies. It has made is possible for anyone to print banners, flyers, pamphlets, posters, greeting cards, visiting cards and brochures from the comfort of one’s home and office.


Digital printing means using your computer and printer to print the required materials in a professional way. It has become the preferred method of printing for most businesses when they do not require a high volume of printouts. Offset printing is still more economical when a large number of copies are required, but for all other purposes digital printing is more economical and flexible.


You will need a fast computer, a high quality color printer (preferably a color laser printer or an inject printer), page making and designing software, the right kind of printing papers and digital print finishing equipmentfor digital printing. Finishing equipments are things like paper cutters, book binders, punching machines, bursters, shredders, laminators, collators and staplers. These are essential for giving the printed materials a sturdy shape and professional appearance.


You can get finishing equipments and materials from any local stationeries store, but it is important to ensure quality before making the purchase. Low quality equipments and materials cannot do the job well and you may be forced to spend more money on extra supplies. A job badly done is sure to reflect badly on you and your business; therefore, it is sensible to look for well-known brands only and avoid the ones you have never heard of.


Digital printing is also useful for school, colleges and other educational institutions that need huge quantities of classroom supplies throughout the year. They spend a large amount of money on printing test papers, brochures, pamphlets and other materials every year. While there is probably no alternative to buying text books, they can greatly reduce the cost by printing and finishing all other materials themselves. 


Materials like school pamphlets, posters, greeting cards, test papers and results sheets do not need to be printed in huge quantities at a time. Therefore, it is more economical to print them using digital printing. Besides saving money, it also saves time and gives more flexibility. You can amend the text and design anytime you like, which is not easy with offset printing. Digital printing is most handy when you need printed materials urgently.


Digital printing allows you to control the quality of printing by choosing the right printer and paper. A high quality printer can produce professional looking printouts. Paper quality is also very important. If you need really good printouts, then you should use only high quality papers. But most importantly, digital printing helps you save time and money, which are the most important things in today’s highly competitive environment.

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  1. Digital printing has so many benefits that truly help us. As time passes by, the innovation utilized for making digital/computerized prints has moved up to enhance the rate and quality.

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