Celebrity look alike costumes


Have you ever picked up a magazine with your favorite actress on the cover and think to yourself I love how they look. I so want to dress like them or be them for a day. I am going to find one just like that but I don’t want to spend a lot of money on it though. I have done that several times but each time I end up looking like something the cat drug up. Yep it is that bad. I am always looking for ideas for costumes that will not break the bank. I would so love to dress up like the Kardashian sisters, Kim, Kortney, and Khloe. I love their down to earth style. They always seem to look amazing in whatever they are wearing. Is there anything that does not look good on these girls? Even when Kortney was pregnant she was able to pull off some fashion breakthroughs. I love how their style is casual but functional. The best part is that I can pull a costume together and still be able to wear the outfit after the party. I love when I can get more than one use out of an item.

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