Ways to Make Extra Money as a Nurse

The beautiful state of Hawaii, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant culture, is also a place where the healthcare industry is constantly evolving. 

Ways to Make Extra Money as a Nurse


Nurses, who are at the forefront of this sector, have unique opportunities to expand their income beyond their regular nursing roles. 

This article explores various avenues for nurses in Hawaii to supplement their income, leveraging their skills and expertise in innovative ways.

Let’s discuss the topic in more detail. 

1. Pursuing Specialized Nursing Roles

In the dynamic field of healthcare, nurses can boost their earnings by specializing in high-demand areas. Specializations such as Critical Care, Emergency Nursing, or Oncology offer not only higher pay but also the opportunity for nurses to deepen their expertise in areas they are passionate about. 

By obtaining additional certifications, nurses can position themselves as experts in their field, leading to more lucrative job offers and the chance to work in specialized units.

Specialization often requires additional education and training, but the investment can pay off significantly. Nurses with specialized skills are in high demand, not just in hospitals but also in private clinics and specialized care facilities. 

In Hawaii, where unique health challenges exist due to its geographic isolation and diverse population, specialized nurses can find ample opportunities to utilize their skills.

2. Embracing Flexible Work Options

Flexibility in work schedules and settings can be key to earning extra income. Many nurses in Hawaii opt for per diem roles, where they work on an as-needed basis. This option allows nurses to pick up extra shifts at different hospitals or healthcare facilities, often at higher pay rates due to the urgency and flexibility required.

Another flexible option is travel nursing, which is particularly appealing in Hawaii. With its unique geographical and cultural setting, Hawaii attracts travel nurses from all over the world, offering them the chance to work in a diverse healthcare environment while enjoying the beauty of the islands. 

A Hawaii nurse who opts for travel assignments within the state can experience working in different healthcare settings, from rural community clinics to large hospitals in urban areas, all while earning a competitive salary and sometimes housing stipends.

3. Diving into Health Education and Training

Nurses possess a wealth of knowledge that can be shared not just with patients but also with the community and future healthcare professionals. By engaging in health education and training, nurses can earn additional income while contributing to the broader community’s health literacy.

This can involve teaching at nursing schools or community colleges, conducting health workshops, or even creating online courses or content. In Hawaii, where there’s a blend of diverse cultures and health practices, nurses can offer unique insights into culturally competent care, addressing health issues specific to the Hawaiian population.

Moreover, experienced nurses can mentor new graduates or nursing students, guiding them through the early stages of their careers. This mentorship can be a fulfilling way to give back to the nursing community while also receiving financial compensation for their time and expertise.

4. Expanding into Telehealth Services

Telehealth has seen a surge in popularity and necessity, particularly in regions like Hawaii, where remote areas can be hard to access. Nurses can leverage this trend by offering virtual consultations, follow-up care, or remote patient monitoring services. 

This not only provides an additional stream of income but also allows nurses to reach patients who might otherwise have difficulty accessing healthcare services.

Nurses can collaborate with telehealth platforms or even set up their own virtual services, focusing on areas like chronic disease management, post-operative care, or health coaching. The flexibility of telehealth services means nurses can work from home or any location, providing a perfect avenue for balancing work and personal life while maximizing income potential.

5. Venturing into Entrepreneurship and Freelancing

Nurses with an entrepreneurial spirit can explore opportunities beyond traditional employment. This can include starting a healthcare blog, opening a private practice, or developing health-related products or apps. 

Nurses in Hawaii can tap into the local culture and health needs to create products or services that resonate with the community.

Freelancing also offers a path to additional income, with opportunities like medical writing, consulting, or serving as a legal nurse consultant.

Nurses can use their medical knowledge and experience to provide valuable insights in various sectors, from healthcare publications to legal cases involving medical issues.

6. Collaborating in Research and Clinical Trials

Nurses in Hawaii have unique opportunities to participate in research and clinical trials, areas that are crucial for advancing medical knowledge and patient care. Engaging in these activities not only bolsters a nurse’s professional profile but also provides additional income. 

Nurses can contribute to research projects in various capacities, such as data collection, patient care during trials, or even as co-investigators, depending on their level of experience and education.

The diverse population and unique health challenges in Hawaii make it an ideal location for research on specific health issues, including genetic studies, tropical diseases, and chronic health problems prevalent in the region. Nurses can collaborate with universities, research institutions, or pharmaceutical companies. 

These roles often offer compensation for the time and expertise required, and nurses can learn about cutting-edge treatments and medical advancements, further enhancing their professional development. 

This path not only enriches a nurse’s career but also contributes significantly to the betterment of healthcare services and outcomes.


Nurses in Hawaii are in a unique position to enhance their income through diverse and fulfilling avenues. Whether it’s through pursuing specialized roles, embracing flexible work options, educating others, engaging in telehealth, or stepping into entrepreneurship, the opportunities are vast. 

These avenues not only offer financial benefits but also provide personal growth, professional development, and the chance to make a significant impact in the healthcare landscape of Hawaii. 

Nurses, with their critical skills and compassionate care, are well-equipped to explore these paths and enrich both their professional and personal lives in the process.

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