DIY Fall Bar Cart with Gold Pumpkin Vases

[info_box type=”pale_box”]I am so happy to have one of my good friends, Lee, guest posting today while I am enjoying myself at the #WOWSummit. She has an awesome DIY.[/info_box]

diy fall bar cart

Hi! I’m Lee and my blog is Wine and Couture.  Wine and Couture is a Lifestyle blog that focuses on Fashion and Food.  I like to share how to make the most of your closet by styling and restyling pieces into different looks.  When Melissa asked me to Guest post on her blog I was so excited.  She is so creative and it got my creative juices flowing.  I am going to share with you how to “Dress” up your bar cart or table with some fun inexpensive decor!

To get started here is your shopping list and the stores to find items!

stuff needed for DIY Fall Bar Cart

Dollar Tree (cause everything is actually a dollar)

  • fake flowers 3 bundles will fill 2 small pumpkins
  •  bales of hay
  •  fake leaves
  •  fall drink napkins



  •  Little Pumpkins ( these were $0.74 each)
  • Gold Spray Paint
  • Black and Orange Straws

Saturday’s are my “free” day.  My husband works for Habitat for Humanity as a site supervisor.  Which means he is gone all day Saturday.  We do not have children, so it’s my day to get things done.  I become very creative and run around town finding things to do.  In this particular day I met my friend and photographer in Raleigh for a photo shoot, then it was back to Carrboro (where I live) and the Farmer’s Market.  After that the Dollar Tree, WalMart, and then home to have fun! I saw the gold pumpkin idea on Pinterest and thought that’s both cute and easy.

spray paint the pumpkins

Since it was litter box cleaning day as well I decided to use a large black trash bag to paint my pumpkins on.  The spray paint dries so quickly.

spray painting the pumpkins

I simply painted them and headed back inside while they were drying to fix my outdoor lantern with fake leaves and pinecones.  Just take a lantern and fill with both adjusting them to be aesthetically pleasing.  It’s a fun fall touch to our front porch.

straw filled wine glass

Next, I filled an “entire bottle of wine” wine glass with the straws.  Then added the left over leaves so they look nice around the bottom.  Voila, a little extra touch to my normally plain straw holder.

DIY Fall Bar Cart

Then I picked up my pumpkins (about 10 min passed) and brought them to my work station.  I put paper down to make sure the paint was completely dry.  I used garden snips to cut the wire of the floral bundle.

DIY Bar Cart

First I separated the flowers and then cut as close to the bottom as possible.  Next, I decided how high I wanted the flowers to stick out of the pumpkin and cut then down more.  As I cut the flowers and arranged them I removed some of the leaves to have enough room.  No one wants a wimpy bouquet.

DIY Fall Bart Cart

Last I cut the plastic off the bales of hay, over the trash cause they are messy, and started to arrange the items on my bar cart.  Instant fall decor with little effort.

Thank you so much to Melissa for letting me share this DIY on her blog and to you, her wonderful readers, for reading this post!!  Please stop by my blog and leave a comment.

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  1. How pretty! You put it all together so beautifully. (I was just at Dollar Tree last night and wish I’d picked up a few of these things!) #homeMattersParty

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