Relaxation Does A Body Good

I will admit that lately I have been distracted in my blogging. Migraines and online games seem to have taken me away from the purpose of writing. But that is also a good thing because I have been able to relax for a bit and refocus back on the task at hand, writing for this blog. I have found some awesome sites to play on. There are tons of sites. These sites help to relieve stress as well as making everyone take a break once in a while. Just like me, my girls love to play games online. There is no stopping them when they get online. I have found that if I use sites like FoxyBingo as a reward than I am able to create more posts because I know there is some fun stuff ahead.

I use this same strategy with my youngest daughter, Gracie. She is allowed so much time on the computer everyday after she finishes her school work. She normally does this before dinner. She is allowed a half an hour on the computer playing games and surfing websites after that it is dinner, bath, reading a book for thirty minutes and then bedtime. Sometimes she watches a little television with Allie before bed. Having a normal routine allows her the time to unwind and get ready for the challenges that will be ahead when she wakes up in the morning. Things have not always been that easy for Gracie, stress used to get the best of her but now because she is able to unwind she faces each new day with confidence and a smile.

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