Good Mornings, Better Days: Sane Ways to Manage Your Commute to Work


Let’s face it: whether you ride a train, drive your own car or rideshare, commuting to work can be a frustrating way to start your day. Traffic jams, delays, and other unavoidable things can get your day started in a way that you’d rather not have to deal with.

Unfortunately, daily commutes are a part of life, so you might as well accept it and use that time to be productive. With a few apps on your smartphone, you can actually turn your daily commute into a way to get a head start on your work or have a little fun, hopefully making the rest of your day a little easier. Here are a few things to do that may help you do just that, so you can start your day off strong.

Listen to a Podcast

Podcasts are a very popular form of entertainment, where people record an hour or so of audio about any subject imaginable and distribute it to their listeners.

Pocket Casts is a podcast player that you can download onto your Android devices and listen to all of the podcasts that you could ever want. There are podcasts on science, politics, pop culture, fashion, art and hundreds more, all available on this app. The interface is easy to use and looks very cool. You can choose from light or dark color themes and the colors of your theme will change to match the artwork of the podcast.

You can stream or download your podcasts to your device so you can listen anytime you want.

Revisit Important Calls

Your daily commute can also be a chance to catch up on some work, and if you have the Automatic Call Recorder for Me app, then you can re-listen to important conversations.

The app lets you record calls from any of your contacts so you can listen to them again at your leisure. You can bookmark important parts of the call instantly, so you can jump right to them when you need to. This way, if you have an important project for work coming up, you can make sure you get every detail right.

The app stores your calls for easy retrieval. You can search your recordings by date or contact number and you can tab favorite or very important phone calls for instant access.

You can learn more at Google Play.


You can always use your commute to mentally prepare for your day, and Calm is an app that will help you. You can choose from a variety of guided meditations, from relaxation to focus and peace of mind so you can get a great feeling on your way to work. You can also use the app for unguided or open-ended meditations once you get comfortable. The app features calming nature sounds to help you relax.

Next time you’re on your daily commute, try one of these apps to get your day started right.

[info_box type=”pale_box”]David Peage has done the daily commute for over 20 years and is so grateful for his daily commutes today with his smartphone so that he can be more productive.[/info_box]

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