How to Pack for a Family Vacation When You’re Going to Monterey

How to Pack for a Family Vacation When You're Going to Monterey from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Going on a family vacation can be the most fulfilling experience. However, packing your stuff can sometimes prove to be daunting. 

Fortunately, there are packing strategies you could use to accomplish this task without breaking a sweat.

These tips below would be helpful for large families going on a vacation together. Even when you’re traveling with a few people, these packing tips will ensure that you stay organized and ready for your trip ahead.

Have a Packing List 

Whether you’re traveling via air or land, it’s advisable to have a packing list at hand. A packing list is a shortlist of all the necessary items that you will be carrying with you in your luggage or bag as you travel. It ensures that you won’t be leaving any essential item behind.

There are online applications that can be used to organize your packing list, such as PackPoint, Packr, Packing Pro, Travel List, etc. Another method is to have a hard copy at hand. This method allows you to manually check off the items from your list as you pack. 

Pack Clothes by Day

Another good packing tip for your Monterey vacation would be to pack clothes according to the number of days of your vacation. Usually, families would pack clothing according to which clothes they feel like wearing. However, this is not very efficient. The best method is to pack for each day of the vacation. It’s easier this way to sort out the clothes to be worn without turning your stunning Monterey hotel room into a mess. 

It also gives you the convenience of having a separate storage space for dirty clothes. If you’re extremely limited for space, vacuum packing, or the use of packing cubes, can come in handy. 

Most Monterey hotels provide standard laundry facilities, allowing you to save precious space by packing limited clothing for the family. This point brings us to our next trip.

More to Pack, aside from Clothing 

A common mistake, families on their first vacation, make is to focus their attention on mostly packing clothing. There are far more essential things which are necessary for your day to day living. Some of these include medication and your religious paraphernalia even.

Your family may contract allergies for which medication is necessary. Therefore, you don’t want to forget that. If you’re traveling outside the country, do your research and make sure you comply with the immigration policy of your destination country. 

Balancing Act Is Key

Packing for the family is like walking on a tightrope. You must be able to find the right balance between which items to bring and what not. It is essential to pack all the kids and baby items, but it is also necessary not to pack too much. As most travelers would say “less is more,” it is safe to say that it is better to have few luggage items, and have more fun while you are on vacation.

In conclusion, a family vacation is a beautiful experience. Apart from your luggage and credit cards, it’s essential to carry cash as this can be a lifesaver in a sticky situation.

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