Gift Ideas For The Graduate

gift ideas for the graduate

Weddings, birthdays, new babies and graduations are just a few occasions that gifts are needed. I always look for gifts that have a personalized touch as well as ones that are also thoughtful. That is not to say that I don’t on occasion buy gift cards because I do especially when a last minute gift is needed. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t add my own flair to it.

Although I don’t have any of my children graduating this year. I do have some of my “adopted” children who are. (Adopted as I think of them as part of the family because they have been friends with my girls forever.) In fact, next weekend we will be attending a party in honor of one of our “adopted” kids.

I have racked my brain to think of gifts to give this sweet girl who has been a part of our lives since before Gracie was born. Her parents are some of our best friends so I wanted to make sure we give her a gift to show her how much we care about her and how proud we are of her. Problem is she has everything. So want do you give a graduate who has everything. Well here are a few suggestions.

  • Gas Cards- they have to come home every now and then plus she loves to go out and have fun.
  • Gift cards to grocery stores. She will be moving into an apartment where she is going to college so she needs to eat.
  • Gift Cards to department stores to buy everything she needs for her apartment.
  • Make a basket full of everything she would need to do her laundry (Laundry basket included.)
  • Gift card to restaurants for those days that she doesn’t feel like cooking.
  • A basket full of all things she will need to use for studying. Think highlighters, sticky notes, index cards, paper, pens, pencils and etc.
  • Or I could go another route and buy her some personalized jewelry for all occasions. So I can hit her high school and her college graduation as well as her moving onto a new chapter in her life all at once.

I still haven’t decided what I will be getting her as of yet but I better hurry as her party is next weekend. It just doesn’t seem possible that she is graduating. It just seems like yesterday she was having fun being twins with my Maddie. Oh did I forget to mention that her name is Maddie as well but Maddie is short for Madison instead of Madeline like mine.

maddie twins (1)

So tell me what are you going to get the graduate on your list?

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