How to Prepare for Your First Bicycle Race

How to Prepare for Your First Bicycle Race from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

To have a great experience in your first try at any undertaking is a universal desire, and the same goal applies in any sporting activity. Bicycle Race, one of the more popular physical activities in recent years, has been embraced by thousands of people around the globe. In the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship, races are organized year after year, and more and more people are showing interest in joining them. If you are considering to give it a shot, you must be prepared, do your homework, condition your body, and be mindful of certain matters before pedaling your best until you reach the finish line.

Familiarize the Race Course

An important rule before you actually step into the race is to know the course of the entire cycling event. Event organizers usually provide you with a map of the course, and it is necessary that you take a serious look at it. In this manner, you will know before the race which part of the course goes uphill and downhill. 

Knowing the course means determining the type of riding you’ll be doing during the race. It also allows you to know the skills and the level of physical fitness you will need to survive the race. You must not overlook potential hazards on the course to avoid getting injured. Riding the course before the race is a sound preparation. This way, you to get to have a good picture of what it would be like on the actual race. 

Another good tip is to engage yourself in group rides with other cyclists to become accustomed to speeding your ride among company. The rule is that the more cyclists there are, the better your training experience. While cycling can be fun and manageable, especially when you are alone or with few people, it is an entirely different situation during the race when hundreds or thousands of people compete to finish. 

Strengthen Your Body before the Race 

We all know that cycling can be a demanding, strenuous activity if done in great distances and periods and on challenging terrain. That is why serious physical preparation is required before the race. 

LiveStrong has recommended several exercise tips to help you get through. To build leg muscles, do deadlifts, squats, and leg presses. Weeks before the actual race, you should focus on muscular-endurance exercises. You may also train your leg muscles by using an exercise bike. If the bicycle race includes sprints, you must add sprint training in your list of things to do before the race.

Training outdoors also allows you to simulate what is required on the bike race, such as lateral movements, navigating turns, and going uphill and downhill. It is also important to note that having a full rest day before the day of the race is not advisable.

If you train with your bike, placing a PowerPod can work wonders on your entire training. This power meter allows you to quantify your training output, giving you accurate performance information that you may use to your advantage before the actual race. 

Eating the Right Food

Training is optimized when coupled with the correct amount of food. Lean protein should be consumed during the muscle-building period while food rich in complex carbohydrates should be for aerobic training. The power of hydration cannot be overemphasized, is necessary for keeping yourself hydrated despite the rigid training. Sports drinks and energy bars are good boosters during your training and even on the actual biking race.

Checking Your Bike’s Condition

Before a bike race, it is not only the rider who shall prepare himself or herself to endure the challenge. The bike itself needs to be fully prepared to conquer the course. You should make sure that the bike has been tested and checked. This includes cleaning the bike chains before the race day. You may also attach add-ons and accessories that can help you achieve a better cycling experience.


Having your first bicycle race entails good preparation and strategy, and it is not a walk in the park. However, with proper training and discipline, your body will surely be prepared to endure the long ride. By knowing the important details of the course, there will be less room for surprises on an actual day. With the right attitude and preparation, you will definitely enjoy your first bicycle race.

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