Why The World Has Become Less Kind

Why The World Has Become Less Kind from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

It seems life has taken us to a place where we no longer value kindness as a trait.  In fact, kindness has been replaced with self-importance and wanting to stay impersonal. The question is why has the world become less kind?

Kindness is something that I feel is leaving us a little bit – people are getting more self-involved. Cobie Smulders

Is it that we no longer care about others? Do we believe kindness makes us weak? Is the lack of kindness from some global change?

The truth is, kindness has become less and less important in our daily lives for several reasons. 

  • We’re in a hurry. Life has become so fast-paced, filled with appointments and places to be that we no longer take the time to simply listen to someone. 
  • Technology has taken the place of the human face-to-face, voice-to-voice interactions of the past. No longer do we pick up the phone or meet face-to-face to talk to others. Now we spend our time texting, posting, getting involved in others’ drama or simply playing mindless games on our cell phones, tablets, computers, and even our watches. And now all we have to do to look for the best neighborhoods to live in is to find the best incident management system software. And don’t get me started if you are looking for a home you can easily buy a house on the internet by using sites like best streetsville homes for sale

Technology has allowed us to say it’s okay to be late all the time. After all, we can simply text our friend we’re running late, and they’ll know. It’s taken away the common courtesy of saying thank you, hello, nice to meet you, please and “how can I help you”. 

We no longer smile at others when we see them. We no longer sympathize or help someone who is having a rough day. Instead we place an emoji on our social media post or in a text and call it done.

There’s an app for everything. Want to have a relationship? Use this app. Want to order your dinner? Use this app. Are these apps taking away the connectedness we once had that created kindness? Maybe.

  • Self-centered and greed is another reason kindness has taken a backseat. Many people are focused on their own lives, on getting ahead and doing whatever is necessary to beat the other guy. 

People are more interested in taking care of their own self before they reach out and extend some type of kindness to others. We’ve become a society of “me first” that wasn’t seen as often just a few years ago.

  • Our environment causes us to withdraw from others. Living in crowded cities among strangers can make you quickly hide your natural tendency to be generous and kind to others. With crime, kidnappings, murders and other fears running wild in many cities, people have found it safer to keep to themselves. Road rage keeps people from stopping to help someone with car trouble. And don’t get me started on weapons. People can buy a gun, a knife or even a crossbow anywhere nowadays.
  • Our upbringing was different 30 years ago. We believed in helping each other. Neighbors looked out for each other. People weren’t afraid to help the poor and needy. People and children were taught to respect others and to be trustworthy and honest. 

Today people are more afraid to show their kindness. There is fear that we will be attacked for what we say or do. We don’t want to appear vulnerable and to get hurt so we attack with words and actions as a way to self-protect ourselves. 

Kindness has taken a backseat to greed, technology, poor manners, and the environment we live in. Instead of showing kindness, we’re afraid to be seen as the nice guy because we might be taken advantage of.

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