3 Common Issues With Newborns And How To Remedy Them

3 Common Issues With Newborns And How To Remedy Them

Having a new baby is something that presents plenty of new challenges that you have never faced before if this is your first child.  Sometimes things pop up that new parents have no idea what to do about and may fear that they are the only ones this issue has ever happened to.

However, when it comes to babies, they are extremely sensitive and fragile and susceptible to many of the same things.  Before you go into a panic and assume what’s happening to your baby has never happened to anyone else, take a look at some of these and rest assured that it’s a common issue and totally possible to remedy.

Skin Issues

Babies have very sensitive skin when they first come into the world.  Sometimes this is genetic, or sometimes it’s simply because their new skin is adjusting to the world around them.  It’s important to rule out any possibilities like rashes or illnesses first.  However, in many cases, it’s simply a case of dry skin due to water hardness or weather conditions.

Avoid harsh chemicals on your baby’s skin and use dermatologist recommended formulas which won’t irritate or harm your baby.  Since babies don’t require as much bathing as adults, don’t worry about bathing them every day.  In fact, you may want to go a few days without a bath at all so that their skin doesn’t dry out.


Some babies come out of the womb irritable and uncomfortable.  If your baby cries for more than 4 hours every day several days out of the week, they may have a case of colic.

Many people make the mistake of believing that colic means digestion issues.  However, doctors still haven’t agreed on what exactly causes colic.  Many agree that colic is simply a transitional period for a baby from having to adjust from being cozy in the womb to suddenly being a big world.  Colic doesn’t usually last more than 3 to 4 months.  Sometimes all that you can do is ride it out and wait until they are a bit older.

As long as they are fed, loved, warm, dry, and a doctor checks them regularly to rule out any other issues, you just have to stay patient with colic until it’s over.


Babies aren’t the same as adult humans who can sleep stretches of hours and hours at a time.  Babies naturally are born to wake up frequently for feedings.  Believe it or not, this is a good thing and will keep your baby growing at a healthy rate.

Try co-sleeping and playing white noise in order to get babies to sleep longer stretches.  Although these tips are effective for some babies, there is no one way that works for everyone.  Have faith and patience and eventually your baby will sleep through the night.

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