5 Top Notch Bridal Makeup Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Wedding makeup is one of the quintessential attributes of a bride’s ensemble as it is what enhances her beauty making her look like a swoon-worthy bride. India is well recognized for its big fat weddings wherein the bride is the center of attraction. What are the attributes of a swoon-worthy bride? A flawless skin, proper makeup highlighting her sharp features, shimmery bridal attire and solah shringar these are the true attributes of a perfect Indian bride. Of all the bridal ensemble makeup is what plays the key role in making the bride to steal the limelight at a wedding.

A bride’s wedding makeup should be one that not just enhances her beauty but also makes her to feel comfortable. Indian wedding last for longer duration in comparison to it counterparts due to which a bride needs to feel comfortable and be at ease to enjoy the festivities and ceremonies. Gone are the days when a bride was decked in a heavily embroidered outfit with a heavy makeup that made her uncomfortable and to look overdone. With changing times the wedding industry keeping in the comfort of the bride has come up with new makeup trends that make the bride to not just look herself but also to look an epitome of beauty and grace.

Irrespective of whether you’re getting married in Ludhiana, Kolkata or Mumbai the makeup trends have greatly influenced the weddings of the different culture. Have you booked top bridal makeup artist in Kolkata, Pune or wherever you’re getting married? Confused about which makeup trend would suit you most? Stop getting puzzled as we have got you covered. Here we have enlisted a few top notch makeup trends that would help you to slay your bridal avatar. Have a look.

1.Minimalist Makeup

Minimalism is one of the most hyping trends of the year. It is a concept that has greatly influenced every wedding attribute. Less is more owning to which minimalist makeup has gained a lot of popularity. From celebrities like Anushka, Priyanka  to next door Sharma ji’s beti the society has embraced the trend with open arms. Simplistic makeup has its own charm.

You definitely would not want to look like a decorated Christmas tree on your wedding with heavy attire, jewellery and to top it up with a heavy makeup. So if you’re going to wear a traditional heavily embroidered lehenga or saree with heavy gold jewellery embellished with precious stones then you can pull off the look with a minimalist makeup. Make heads turn towards you as you opt for this trend at your wedding.

2. Bold Makeup

For brides who want to look sassy on their wedding then this trend suits them well. Always wanted to look like a diva then why not opt for a bold makeup. Rock the glam look with bright and glamorous eyes paired with a muted lip color. If you want to go the extra edge to look chic then you can opt for dark smoky eyes and pair it with bold red or pink lip color.

3. Traditional Makeup

Allure in the old world charm and look like a queen with a traditional makeup. The classic look and enchanting charm of traditional makeup never goes out of date. Traditional makeup gives more of regal look. A matching eye shadow, bright lips, a bun with flowers is all that you require for achieving the look. Give a royally ever after to your fairy tale wedding as your sport the look on your special day.

4. Modern Makeup

If you want to look sophisticated and chic at your wedding then try the modern makeup. Bold big eyes, a sexy pout, contoured cheeks and a blinding highlighter is all that you need you need to achieve the modern look that goes well with western attire and is perfect for those cocktail and reception parties.

5. No Makeup Look

Tired of the traditional makeup then try the no makeup or nude makeup look. The nude makeup look keeps your skin tone natural and at the same time highlights your sharp features. A foundation to hide the blemishes, with minimal eye shadow, nude lip color is what gives a dewy finish to the skin. The simplistic makeup style gives you flawless skin and makes you look like a perfect bride. So which makeup trend are you following? Tell us about your choice through the comments below.

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