Fun Autumn Activities for Preschool-Aged Kids

Fun Autumn Activities for Preschool-Aged Kids

The time has come for the leaves to fall and the temperatures to turn chilly. Fall is a great time to introduce new crafts and activities to your children regardless of their age, but today, we’re going to focus on preschool-aged children. Try out any of these fun autumn activities with your kiddos.

Paint a Pumpkin

Kids love to color and paint, which makes pumpkin painting a hit for any preschool-aged child. Head to your favorite pumpkin patch and let your kid pick out a pumpkin or two to paint. Pick up some washable tempera paint and paintbrushes. Crayola makes a pumpkin painting kit equipped with various fall colors that you can try. Then, y’all can let kids go wild and have fun creating designs or spooky creatures.

Create Leaf Rubbings

This activity was a favorite of mine when I was young. All you need are some unwrapped crayons, paper, and fall leaves. It’s a super simple activity that many children will enjoy. Place the piece of paper over the leaf and gently rub the crayon back and forth to reveal the image. Ensure the leaf is vein-side up for the best results.

Y’all can take this craft a step further and add watercolor paints to the leaf design. This is a great way to add extra color and take the craft over the top.

Make Pumpkin Pie Scented Cloud Dough

Is there anything more autumnal than the scent of pumpkin pie? I suppose you could make an argument for apples, and y’all wouldn’t be wrong, but pumpkins are the quintessential autumn item. The recipe is simple and only requires the following:

  • Four cups of flour
  • Half a cup of vegetable oil
  • Two teaspoons of pumpkin pie spice

Whisk the pumpkin pie spice and flour in a bowl and gently pour in the oil. Stir the oil into the flour and spices, then finish kneading the dough by hand. This craft is edible, so there’s no need to worry if your toddler decides a taste test is necessary. Add in fake leaves, play pumpkins, and pumpkin-shaped pasta for an excellent autumn-themed activity.

Glue Autumn Leaves

Head outside to collect a nice pile of fall leaves for this activity. Take your time walking the neighborhood or trail to enjoy the sights and smells of autumn. You can even let your child ride through the park with their ride-on car, which will serve as a handy place to stick all the leaves. After all, the ride-on vehicle can handle the rougher terrain.

After y’all gather enough leaves, it’s time to create! All you need is glue, the leaves, and a sheet of paper. Draw an outline of a tree and let your child glue the leaves onto the tree. You don’t have to draw a tree; you can imagine any shape and fill it with leaves. A glue bottle or glue stick will work well for this activity.

Enjoy one or all of these autumn activities with your children. These activities will help your kids work on their motor skills and bond with you.

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