4 Winter Preparation Ideas for Your Home

4 Winter Preparation Ideas for Your Home

I have gone through my full list of winter preparation ideas and came down to four that I think can work for your home. As the season gets colder, I want everyone to be prepared. Settle in and read up on my recommendations for winterizing your house.

Put Your Ceiling Fans in Reverse

Did you know that your ceiling fan can rotate in reverse? I was blown away, myself; I point this out because warm air rises and just hangs high up by the ceiling—which is not exactly where we hang out. Not really helpful when you want to be cozy on a winter’s evening.

To help circulate the air in the room, so it’s warmer, go to every ceiling fan and turn on the reverse switch. The blades then force balmy air down and spiral throughout for a comfortable atmosphere.

Inspect and Tune Your Heating System

The South does experience chilly weather, so inspecting and tuning your heating system is essential. You could do this task yourself or hire a heating technician to come to check it out. Avoid being one of the last homeowners to get your heating system checked and repaired. A professional inspection includes checking for carbon monoxide leakage and sealing up cracks in the ductwork.

Tilt Your Solar Panels

While not every inch of the South sees snow, it still can get cold in most parts. If you have solar energy, you might’ve heard that solar panels don’t work as well in the winter, but that’s not true. They work better in the wintertime, actually.

As you prepare your home for winter, make sure to tilt your solar panels. Here’s how that’s beneficial—although there’s less sun, most solar energy appears in the middle of the day because the sun’s at its highest peak. So you can stockpile more solar power this winter by turning the panels toward the sun at a 60-degree angle.

Caulk Your Windows and Doors

If the windows and doors have gaps, you’ll experience drafts throughout the winter. These gaps are easy to fix and take less than five minutes to fill with caulk. Before filling in the holes, I recommend checking and marking the spots that need to be sealed the most. If you want the quickest way to better home insulation, filling gaps and cracks in windows and doors is the best approach, y’all.

Winter’s the most challenging season to prepare for, and I know it can be difficult. However, with these winter preparation ideas for your home, I genuinely believe getting ready for wintry weather will be stress-free. Have a safe rest of your year, and stay warm, y’all!

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