Frugal Way to Get New Bar Stools

AFM Frugal Bar Stools

When we first moved into our new home five years ago, we bought we given these two beautiful sets of bar stools. We have two that live near the island in the kitchen and the other two make their home in our living room at the bar. The stools had beautiful light brown suede seats. But as you can guess light brown and kids do not mix. The stools have had things spilt on them. Of course you know with kids they don’t know who spilled to make the stains. I have wanted to replace with them for a while but somehow we never seem to have enough money to replace them.

AFM Before Stools


Here comes the frugal part. The other day when hubby and I were rearranging things in the linen closet. I came across an old chair cover that we used in our other home. Then I had I light bulb moment. Why not use this material to recover my bar stools.

Long time readers know I love giving new life to old things. So this project was right up my alley. So with some scissors, my handy-dandy staple gun, and the chair cover I found while cleaning. I now have four stain free Bar stools. I am so proud of myself. All I did was unscrew the seats from the stools and then made a pattern to cut out by placing on the stools upside on a piece of fabric. Once I did that I then place the fabric over the seat and using my staple gun I stapled the fabric in place.

AFM New Covers


To replace the 4 stools would have cost well over $100. But finding this material making new covers cost me a total of $0.00. Now that is what I call being frugal.

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