What You Need To Know When Buying A Baby Pram

What You Need To Know When Buying A Baby Pram

One thing is for sure; parenting is challenging. But before this journey, nothing compares to parents’ excitement when waiting for their newborns to arrive. One way to delight parents is to let them buy all the baby essentials on their registry. Soon-to-be parents prioritize all baby necessities when expecting a newborn. These necessities include feeding, bathing, and diapering essentials. If you’re a parent, you’re likely familiar with this essential called a baby pram. A pram refers to a four-wheeled vehicle for moving or transporting a baby.

With a pram, you can move around with your baby safely fastened. With how vital and functional a pram is for every parent, it’s crucial to ensure you buy the perfect one for your baby. However, with the thousands of options available, it may be challenging to choose the right one.

Here’s what you need to know when buying a baby pram: 

  1. It Is Crucial To Consider Your Lifestyle 

When buying a pram, it’s crucial to know that you must choose based on your lifestyle. There are various types of newborn prams you can choose from to meet your and your baby’s needs and match your lifestyle at the same time. These include the following:

  • Ultra-Compact Prams: These are very small when folded; hence they are light to carry. They consist of small wheels that are good for smooth and flat surfaces. If traveling is part of your lifestyle, you can use these prams because they fit in the compartment. 
  • Urban Terrain Prams: These prams have better suspension than compact prams and can handle urban surfaces with fat blocks of stone or concrete that are good for walking and driving. These surfaces include pathways and paved walkways. 
  • All Terrain Prams: If you want to stroll outdoors, you can use this type. Why? It is because this pram is suitable for every kind of terrain. 
  • Running And Jogging Prams: If you want to stay fit while taking care of your baby, running and jogging prams are good for you. These prams have a waist strap so you won’t accidentally let go of your baby. With the help of these prams, you can achieve your health goals while taking care of your little one. 
  • Twin/Siblings Prams: If you plan to have another child, you can add a second seat for future use. This type of pram is also perfect for parents with twins, as these can accommodate two babies of the same or different ages.

These prams are available in online catalogs and local shops. With numerous options, choosing the best one for you and your baby may be challenging. Remember to stick to your budget and consider your everyday life. That way, you can pick the right and most convenient pram for your baby.

What You Need To Know When Buying A Baby Pram
  1.  Safety Should Be Your Priority

Although there are various factors you must consider when buying a pram, safety should be your priority. Therefore, purchase one with good safety features. For one, consider purchasing a pram with a canopy and water-repellent fabrics. These features offer good shade and wet weather options. In addition, they also have a complete drape built into the hood, enabling better airflow and increasing the overall safety of your baby. 

To further ensure safety, ensure the pram has straps appropriately connected to the frame so they won’t come off. An adjustable backrest is another significant feature allowing your little one to lie flat to develop a healthy spine and better breathing. These are some of the features you must look out for, as these are adequately designed to prioritize your baby’s safety.

  1. The Wheels Matter

The wheels play a vital role in allowing the prams to move easily and steadily. Therefore, choosing a pram with appropriate and durable wheels that can withstand terrible ground surfaces is vital. This will help protect your baby from any risks, such as major road bumps and accidents.

In choosing, ensure that the tires are connected in an oversized axle for them to last longer. Additionally, go for a test drive. It is one way of checking if the tires are well-designed. Also, consider having wheel locks so that you can ensure that they don’t roll away.  


With the numerous options available and various factors to consider, buying a pram can be challenging. However, with the proper knowledge, you’ll find one that best fits your and your baby’s needs. Just remember, when buying a pram, you should always start identifying your baby’s requirements and your lifestyle and budget before anything else. Once you’re done, check all the functional and safety features of the pram. Choose the ones that offer both comfort and convenience.

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