Five Tips for a Stress Free Christmas

Five Tips for a Stress Free Christmas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

As a working mother, you have your hands full day in and day out. The tasks at hand that you face each day only intensify when it comes to the holiday season. With this in mind, there are some tactics you can employ as a working mother to reduce stress during the holiday season. Indeed, there are five tips that you should bear in mind for a stress-free Christmas.

Take a Proactive Approach to Gift Giving

One step you can take to lessen or eliminate Christmastime stress is to take a proactive approach to gift giving. Rather than wait until December is upon you, get into action now and begin purchasing gifts now.

In this day and age, you can do a great deal of gift shopping from your own home, taking advantage of online merchants like the Silver Superstore. At online shops like the Silver Superstore, you can find gift selections that are ideal for any number of people on your holiday gift list.

Schedule Time Off from Work in Advance of the Holiday Season

Many individuals schedule time off from work during the holiday season. Taking time off at this juncture typically serves a couple of purposes. First, if you are like most people, you take time off to actually celebrate the holiday. Second, you need the time off to prepare for the holiday. The problem is because you wait until Christmas is upon you, a great deal of your time off is spent rushing around getting ready for celebrating the season. You increase your stress dramatically by taking this approach.

The wiser course is to take some time off farther in advance of the winter holiday season. There is nothing wrong with preparing for the holidays sooner rather than later. There is a great deal of the holiday preparation work that you can undertake on a truly proactive basis rather than waiting until the holidays are upon you. This approach will dramatically lower the stress you otherwise might experience during the holiday season.

Establish Boundaries All Around

Good advice for the year around, including the holiday season, is to establish very specific boundaries. This includes not overcommitting at the holiday season. “No” is a fair answer. You simply do not have to do everything you are invited or called upon to do at Christmastime. By establishing clear and meaningful boundaries, you lower your stress. You pave the way for a far more enjoyable holiday season. When it comes to celebrating Christmas, oftentimes less really is more.

Home Decorating Done Simply with Style

There is no doubt that the holidays are made far more festive when you decorate your home for the season. Time and again, holiday decorating proves to be a significant stressor at Christmas time. You can decorate your residence in a perfectly festive way by taking a simple course. You need not be extravagant when decorating your home for Christmas.

There are a variety of resources through which you can obtain decorative pieces for the holidays that bespeak simple elegance. For example, Silver Superstore has ornaments and other pieces crafted from quality silver that are perfect additions to a decorating scheme during the holiday season.

Entertain without the Fuss

On a related note, you need not go overboard when it comes to entertaining during the holiday season. You truly can entertain without the fuss. Another reality associated with the holiday season is that entertaining can be highly stressful if you overdo. And most people overdo when it comes to entertaining for Christmas.

You can embrace simplicity when it comes to entertaining for the holiday season. You can begin the process of entertaining in an enjoyable and simple manner by selecting manageable menus for holiday meals. Christmas represents home and hearth, perhaps more than any other holiday. What this does mean is that you can keep holiday meals hearty and yet simple. You entertain well by hearkening back to days gone by and preparing truly traditional, and not complicated, meals to celebrate the holiday season.

Many people engage in very complex tablescaping. This is also an unnecessary step that can unduly add to the stress level during the holiday season. Preparing a table for a holiday celebration is also something that can be undertaken in a manner that results in a simply beautiful, truly festive tablescape presentation for the holiday season. No fuss, less stress, should be the mantra for you here as well. By following this tips, you will lessen your holiday stress. You will be on your way to having a truly enjoyable, memorable Christmas season.


Jessica Kane is a writer for Silver Superstore, home of the internet’s silver Christmas ornaments.

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