5 Tips For Increasing Your Confidence After Having a Baby

5 Tips For Increasing Your Confidence After Having a Baby from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Even though becoming a mom can be one of the most transformational events of your life that increases your confidence in unique ways, it’s also incredibly trying.   During the nine months of developing your baby, your body will go through a series of changes that will turn you into a new version of yourself.

The changes leave many feeling out of sorts in their skin, and in some cases, less confident. However,  even though your body may be in new territory, it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to embrace it. Here are some of the best ways to boost your confidence and feel good about yourself after becoming a mom.

Appreciate What Your Body Has Done

It’s easy to look at your body and criticize things that are hanging in a new way, or you may be a little looser here and there.  You may consider surgery or hide parts of your body you’re not thrilled about.  However, rather than feeling shame about the changes that you see, you should instead try to appreciate the miracle that your body has created. 

Don’t give into feelings of negativity, and instead focus on the positives. Your body looks the way it does because it’s capable of the incredible power of giving life.  Once you start to change your perspective, you will see your body in a new light. 

Dress For Comfort

Rather than trying to wear clothes that aren’t a realistic shape for your postpartum body, and make you feel frustrated about why you don’t look the same as you did before getting pregnant, be patient with your body!

It took you nine months to get to that shape, so it’s unrealistic to believe that you’ll bounce back in any less than that.  Trust your body’s process and focus on comfort for the time being! 

Go Out With Friends

Being at home with a newborn can start to take its toll on you.  It can start to get lonely on your own. Therefore, it’s vital that you remember to get out and be social regularly.  Make a point to see your friends and don’t forget that you have a life and existence outside of parenthood. 

Be Intimate 

Tending to your baby regularly may make you feel like you’ve forgotten that you’re also a sexual being.  Intimacy is how you got here in the first place. It’s crucial for your confidence that you continue to engage in intimacy with your partner. 


Get active and work your body out at as much as you can — the stronger that you feel, the more confident that you’ll feel.  Over time, with enough diligence, you’ll feel like your old self again!

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