Best Diaper Changing Hacks for a New Parent

Best Diaper Changing Hacks for a New Parent

It’s all sunshine and roses when a new baby arrives. In the first few days, you’ll have plenty of people willing to help, change, and care for your little one. Even though that help is appreciated, it’s short-lived because you have to change your newborn several times a day. Before changing my first diaper, I researched to make the transition seamless, and here are the best diaper changing hacks for a new parent.

Ditch the Pad Covers

Getting the nursery all cute for the first time makes for a fun experience. However, that adorable aesthetic gradually hits the fan when your newborn arrives. One of the first things that need to go is the crib pad cover.

Regardless of the precautions you take, bodily functions will spill on that darling pad cover. It’s a colossal pain to consistently wash and dry something that will inevitably get dirty within 48 hours. Instead, opt for a basic color pad or ditch the thing altogether and go with a plastic cover.

Use a Motion Night Light

Unfortunately, my mini-me doesn’t have a concept of time, and when it’s 2:00 AM, they need to sleep. Early morning feedings and changings are draining, and stumbling into a dark room isn’t safe for anybody. Therefore, investing in a motion censored nightlight is a game-changer, y’all. A motion censored version lets you avoid juggling your baby and finding the light switch on the wall or nob on a lamp.

Zipper Onesies

I want to dress my little one in the cutest outfits imaginable. And with all the wardrobe options at my disposal, the possibilities are endless. However, I only use pajamas with zippers when it comes to night changing.

Y’all ever try putting a USB cord into an outlet without seeing it? We all know that struggle! It feels the same when you are trying to align the buttons correctly to snap the onesie back in place. Make your life easier and get a closed-bottom zipper onesie. Zippers have been making life easier for centuries, and this scenario is no exception. All you have to do is unzip to the top, pull their legs out, slide the onesie underneath them, do your business, and put their legs back in. Operation complete!

Velcro Swaddle

Some of y’all might be magicians at swaddling a baby with blankets—and more power to you! But for the rest of us, swaddling our loved ones doesn’t come so easily. The quicker you can get a sleepy baby down for a nap, the better off you will be, and wasting time finding the perfect crease may make you miss the golden opportunity. Luckily, a Velcro swaddle is easily adjustable, allowing you to tighten or loosen it if needed.

With the knowledge of the best diaper changing hacks for a new parent, y’all will become experts in no time. Before you know it, your baby will be out of diapers, and this will all be an afterthought. Keep these tips in the back of your brain to put your mind at ease.

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